The weather turns cold, but the coat is not worn ricky lee neely

The weather turns cool but the coat is definitely not used to wear a rain introduction: I believe everyone has obviously felt cool, not only the circle of friends has been cold, scraper, her wardrobe of those super thick cold items have also dispatched. After enjoying a week of "eleven friends punctuate praise, solemnly tell you the key today, later will be more and more cold! BUT strike, the turning point! The cold weather is not a bad thing, at least I finally can wear summer ole discount when you buy a coat, I not only want to tell you how to wear a coat today, but also teach you the correct use method (coats have guessed at the beginning, guess at the end)! First you have to have a coat, but buy a coat, a cruel watershed: I have 175+ I dont have 175+ cooler weather, but definitely not to wear the coat above shows the choice of coat, the two men’s coat hem height interval, can not exceed the "dead end". The coat has a very terrible property. The coat has a terrible property: put on him, the shorter one is shorter, the higher one is taller. Because the coat is like a big box, the shape of the human split into three large parts: coat, coat outside the legs, the body of the body when the coat. But I’m sure our readers are 180 big guys! The questions above are not you should worry about, but try to buy waist slim coat style, there are 6 models, see themselves slowly. Polo coat (Polo Coat) wearing occasions: Polo windbreaker (Polo Coat) business is nearly two popular coat style, characterized by large buttons on both sides of the bag and the sides of the. As the name suggests, is the earliest British Polo coat polo players in the process of waiting for the play before, wearing a warm coat. Although it originated in Britain, it is the most popular in the United states. Because of its material is wool or cashmere, style is also very long, so excellent thermal insulation. Because the format is simple, so it is easy to create a sense of shame, but also the most suitable for business occasions. Look at the street Polo coat will bring people elegant impression, wearing a suit or casual dress can be. But if you want to wear a down jacket or something, please don’t tell anyone you read my article. A suit coat style coat a sense of history (Chesterfield Coat) wearing occasions: Banquet suit coat (Chesterfield Coat) Chesterfield type Coat was born on 1830, named for the British Duke of Chesterfield dressed in dress preferences, on the basis of abolition of the waist seam length shorten, retains the suit Lapel style gun temperament, tough, but there is still a significant waist contour, is the prototype of today’s popular X type waist coat, lean and short and slim, the average size is very suitable for asians. Look at these old photos "Bond, James Bond." from the first!相关的主题文章: