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The world’s highest church threatened due to too many people on the wall of urine – Sohu news as the saying goes, people have three. Call up and can not find the toilet, you may just find a hidden corner of the woods, what "open water". In general, there is nothing, but in the same place, the urine of many people, it will be destructive. The Cathedral of Ulm in Germany is facing this problem. This was built in the fourteenth Century Gothic church, because there are often people in the church wall solution, currently threaten the construction safety of the church: salt and acid contained in the urine is eroding sandstone church grassroots, causing damage to the ongoing renovation work. As the Ulm Cathedral backing is not small, 161 meters high, a total of 768 steps, is the world’s tallest church. The church was founded in 1377 and was not completed until 1890. Boarded the main tower 143 meters high platform, overlooking the city of Ulm and the surrounding, even when the weather is good to see the Alps! This church has become a cultural name card in Ulm and even the whole of Germany, the attractiveness of many tourists. In the world’s largest tourist community review site Tripadviser, the vast majority of tourists are given a five-star praise". In June this year, the German Embassy in the United States also issued a document to promote the official Ulm cathedral. To reach the top of the church to climb 768 steps, but the scenery is definitely worth climbing! So the church suffered a "urine crisis", foreign affairs son noticed that some foreign media have been alerted". CNN: urine is eroding the world’s highest church! BBC: urine problem of "difficult" the world’s highest church Washington Post: the world’s highest church suffered bladder local building protection agency director Michael problem — the young German nowhere? Hibbert was worried: I’ve stared at it for half a year, but every day is urine and vomit. He says he is not a police officer who wants to urinate everywhere, and hope that the local government can take effective measures. In order to change this situation, the local police department sent a special patrol in the vicinity of the church, for the penalty of urinating anywhere from 50 euros to euro 100. But the situation has not changed, not even out of a ticket. Hibbert said that the reason why the external walls of the church became a public toilet, the main reason is that the surrounding area of the church held a variety of celebrations, activities, but the organizers did not provide enough free toilet. This recently triggered a lot of Tucao on twitter. On the occasion of the 500 anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, the world’s highest Protestant church was attacked by urine! Members of the world’s largest church, the Cathedral of Ulm, asked the public not to pee and vomit on the outside walls of the church…… It’s ironic! Ulm Cathedral suffered a crisis of urine erosion, I really want to thank the Germans do not like to shoot the video". Many domestic users see this news, have opened Tucao function of schadenfreude. After all China?相关的主题文章: