The Zhuhai airshow display personal flight future or flying to work masa-c

The Zhuhai airshow display personal flight future or flying to work the original title: fly to work, perhaps no longer distant morning news reporter Song Jie on the back of the flight bag into the sky, go to work or visit, do not have to worry about congestion…… Such a scene may not be far away from us. At the Zhuhai air show, in addition to various types of military aircraft and large passenger aircraft Duorenyanqiu, some General Aviation Corporation also launched new types of aircraft or aircraft, including the first private enterprises by the independent research and development of general aviation aircraft GA20 prototype, the first domestic 24 jets, as well as a personal flight attracted many visitors eyes, can be single the operation of flying about 50 kilometers. Although the flight package has not officially put on the market, but has tried to test the water in some tourist attractions. Suitable for personal travel and other fields at the Zhuhai air show, "says Martin flight" attracted the attention of many people, and have stepped forward. The front part of the flight bag is a tall white frame, people can walk in, step on the foot of the white frame on the bottom, fasten the seat belt, the whole person is completely wrapped in the frame. Hold up two hands to hold two handles, you can move freely, there are some buttons. Behind the white frame, is a bright red two giant fans, the shape of a little like the aircraft turbine. Staff introduction, the flight bag can fly 1500 meters high, take off when the jet down, get the rising power. The aircraft is powered by gasoline. Staff told reporters that this flight package can solve the helicopter landing site to support, can not be close to the city streets, unable to enter the narrow roadway, unable to work in the common problem of the roof, especially suitable for use in the medical emergency, tourism and entertainment, personal travel and other fields, "in the future, if allowed, work can also be used, because they can add gasoline." Detection of danger can pop parachute in a small number of people abroad, but the country has not yet officially put into the market." KPS group related parties, the technology is a New Zealand company, now the acquisition and integration of kps. In addition to whether the technology is accepted by the market, in the country is also facing the formal use of airspace, the lack of driver’s license standards and other issues. The source said that the first domestic air flight is limited, the use of personal aircraft will face such problems. At the same time, in the end what people can drive such aircraft, there is no standard for the country, there is no driver’s license, these problems are not difficult to solve the promotion. The aircraft is negotiating with a number of attractions, the first to enter the field of leisure and entertainment. As for security issues, the source said that the flight package can be ground remote control, can also be operated by the driver, is not familiar with the people can go up experience. In addition, the aircraft equipped with parachute device, you can also float on the water, the system detects a dangerous state, you can pop up in 0.68 seconds. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: