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These skills, can let the baby love to eat baby let the baby love to eat – Sohu, you need skills for the baby, love or not, in the food, for the food, only the baby fell in love with the meal, it being just bursting, see food are so hard, I have, we are not to let the baby a little skill, and it is more close to? Then look at the south, is how to let the baby eat: to do good work, must first sharpen his tools, want the baby to eat well, you have to let him prepare for the most suitable spoon – spoon size, and the amount of food intake, the baby is proportional to the tip of the spoon to be soft, the spoon handle better handle…… Special reminder, the material must be non-toxic, resistant to fall. Start from the rice paste, let the baby sit well. And let him see the food in the spoon. Oh ~ ~ when the baby opened his mouth, put the spoon flat on his mouth, when the baby mouth closed, the horizontal spoon slowly pulled out, remind Baba who is feeding the baby rice, instead of the rice paste down his mouth. Generally speaking, in the beginning, eat a baby every day a m paste, one or two spoons, enough friends. If the baby love eat, feed a little, but not overwhelming, grab the input amount of milk. However, most of the baby, the spoon has a process of adaptation, accepted, and then add a little weight. Then, you can feed 2-3 times a day. Since the baby used a spoon, a little sticky food, will have the opportunity to enter his mouth, from thin paste to paste, 2-3 weeks to fix. Baba Mama’s creativity, can also play a little, for example, apple puree, carrot paste, pumpkin, let the baby to try new flavors. How, the baby fell in love with dinner, the world is not better?相关的主题文章: