This time, Zhang Jie’s sugar is sweet (video) by Xie Nafa

This time, Zhang Jie Xie Nafa’s sweet sugar (Note: This article belongs to publish business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only) Bali Island Ruby Lin before marriage, after Hsu Chi lightning announced marriage hearing, 2016 is destined to be a year of happiness entertainment. In September 26th, Zhang Jie and Sheenah also came to sugar. Two people in the micro-blog love, and attach a sweet promise and large platinum Carnival fans, once again let the entertainment circle was sweet wind. It turned out that it was the 5 anniversary of their wedding, and they recorded their never ending love in this special way. Zhang Jie Sheenah promised the large platinum five years of marriage, they PGI® in the International Platinum Association; the witness, specially flew to Shangri-La, relive the romantic and happy marriage. Five years ago, they promised to live here for a lifetime; after five years, their love grew stronger and stronger. A second to return to the childhood, chicken did not stop and say you whisper: I really love you hold you up and circle is the most I love the game to hold your hand, let us happy for a lifetime to go on their happiness as the launch of the "Jena platinum love" exclusive in the daily expression package, a bit can see. In the face of this wave of overwhelming the dog food, netizens have said: this dog eat sincerely convinced. Platinum witness every promise that never fades. Because the promise of cash, even the expression has become vivid and lovely. Zhang Jie Sheenah exclusive expression package sweet incoming, full screen are love, poke [expression picture] can be included in your cell phone expression.相关的主题文章: