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Mobile-Cell-Phone With the cell phone market being jammed with new models and new products every day, there is a huge market getting created for used cell phones. The pre owned phones are normally in perfect working condition, but have been put into the market only because the previous owner wanted new services and features on their mobile phone. However, remember that a used mobile is something that has seen a fair share of wear and tear and may have some serious as well as normal defects. Here are some defects that you should specifically look into: The Body of the Mobile Phone: If the cell phone has been used for more than a couple of years, it is sure to have some scratches and use marks on the body. The most common is the grazing off of the paint at the back, because that’s the place that is normally in contact when a phone is kept or held. Of course, this is not the case of the modern plastic bodied mobiles, but you will still find it happening in the mobiles with a stainless steel body. If the blob is too big and yet you like the phone, get ready to buy a cover or change the mobile body. Hardware Defects: You might also like to take a look at the hardware of the phone, like the battery, the keypad or even the external buttons like the ‘Take Call’ and ‘End Call’ buttons. If the mobile has a specified SMS button or a camera button, you need to check whether these buttons have withstood the test of use and time. Of course, you can change all of this with a simple keypad change, but that will be costing a fair amount of money, and there can be cases where not only the button but the connection and casing has gone for the toss – then you will just have to use a cell phone with some buttons missing. The Age of the Battery: Batteries have an age of three to five years, but if they are not used in the right manner, they lose their life quite drastically. If possible, you should check the life of the battery and how fast it charges, to make sure that you do not need to buy a new battery for the used cell phone, as the battery and the memory card are two of the most expensive accessories for a mobile phone. These are the three important aspects that you need to keep in mind before buying a cheap used cell phone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: