Tiangong two space laboratory after the successful launch of the space city is facing 5 major challe tom365.com

Tiangong two space laboratory after the successful launch of the space city is facing 5 major challenges in the new temple – No. two space laboratory successfully launched, beginning just space laboratory task. Next, our focus will be on the space flight control center in Beijing. From the Temple No. two, No. two and the long march F rocket separation, space flight control center also ushered in the challenge. If the spacecraft is a kite flying in space, then the city will control the link between the kite and the ground line. This is the first kite, Tiangong two. Different from the past, Tiangong two space laboratory will be in a new track operation, and new experimental work. This is a new challenge for the space city. Li Jian, deputy director of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center: in this task there are so many five key technologies need to break through. One is the high precision of orbit prediction of long time, second key technologies that we in 393 under the new conditions of the orbit control strategy of the new design, third key technologies of short arc orbit determination is fast, fourth key technologies, we said that the fast transfer, this is not used seen in the past. Fly around the last key technology is the companion, then these five aspects is a new challenge to our center brings. In the period of intense task, in addition to facing the challenge, space flight control center plays the role of coordinator, is like a generalist. It not only to grasp the spacecraft in space every move, but also to coordinate the work of various systems. This requires the space city kite, unruffled. Li Jian, deputy director of Beijing Aerospace Control Center: we want to ensure that all aspects of coordination, we can meet the needs. At the same time, if there is contradiction, we must select an optimal strategy, which can ensure the safety of the spacecraft, the first is to ensure the safety of the astronauts, but also can guarantee all our experiments, this is a goal we pursue.相关的主题文章: