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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Women who are puzzled about the ideal gift for the men in their lives should seriously consider mens diamond watches. The reason for this is that while men frequently present gifts of jewelry to women, the reverse is rarely true. Male jewelry is usually purchased by men for themselves. Mens watches are an exception. Mens diamond watches not only serve as adornment but as useful tools as well. A Timeless Story Mens wrist watches did not become popular until the 1930s, although the idea of wrist watches in general had been around for quite awhile about 450 years, in fact. It is said that Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, presented a small timepiece to Queen Elizabeth I back around 1560 that was attached to a small bracelet. Wrist watches were considered effeminate by the macho American male; mens watches that were attached to a fob and carried in the pocket were preferred (and even required for railroad men). Ironically, it was the pursuit of manly activities that led to the development of the first mens wrist watches. In 1905, early aircraft did not have fuel gauges, and the only way to tell how much fuel you had left was to know how much your engine consumed every hour (even today, aircraft fuel economy is described in terms of gallons per hour). In order to keep track, it was necessary to watch the clock but when it came to the highly unstable aircraft of the early days, taking ones hands off the controls for even a second was a bad idea. The first mens wrist watches were designed for aviators. Mens Watches for All Occasions Mens wrist watches were once traditionally given to an employee by a company on the occasion of his retirement, or when they had completed 40 years with a given company. This is almost unheard of today, when a person may change careers 3-5 times in their life. Diamond watches are traditionally given to Spanish men by their fiances in exchange for an engagement ring when they propose marriage. Mens diamond watches are also appropriate gifts for occasions such as anniversaries, graduations, and even birthdays and bar-mitzvahs. Mens gold watches can be expensive, but they neednt be excessively so. Obviously, if you choose a Rolex with a wristband encrusted with diamonds, youll pay as much or more than you would for many late-model automobiles. However, there are diamond watches that may have fewer actual gems, but are still attractive and tasteful, that can be had for as little as $1000. The fact is that you dont have to spend a fortune in order to acquire decent-looking mens diamond watches. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: