Ting Zhang operating cosmetics customers respond to complaints product compliance xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Ting Zhang meets the customer complaint response: business of cosmetics products according to the new network in September new network planning in 7, Taiwan star Ting Zhang yesterday published a long micro-blog "at this moment, it is more important than the mood", there are customer complaints under their own name cosmetics to make a description that operate their own TST mask compliance three cards are complete please, and professional third party inspection and quarantine agencies to do health safety test and acute skin irritation test, to ensure the safety of products; also said, "the user because of various reasons when skin problems, we have no excuse, I can find out the truth, let the user problems are properly handled". Micro-blog reads as follows: today Miss Cui’s complaints, let us become a party. In addition to the media interview, we have expressed some ideas, I would like to say that I hold back for a long time. When I was a child, I knew the complexity and hardship of life. The street selling snacks to feed our parents and sisters, I clearly remember the guest "and a" sound, crisp and sweet; I also remember the hospitality to the guests with their parents, with smiling face. I knew the value of trust, and the sweat and bitterness behind my smile. However, in order to believe in the world, to laugh at people, is my parents gave me the best gift, I have so far in the heart. Do TST mask is not prompted by a sudden impulse. I am a woman, I know that beauty, youth is not just skin tightness and light and shade, but to give me more to face the suffering of faith and perseverance. So, honest work, do business sense. TST from the first day, we put the compliance three cards are complete as our bottom line, but we are more concerned about the user experience and feelings. We ask the professional third party inspection and quarantine agencies do health safety testing, do acute skin irritation test, are to ensure that our products can make users safe and secure use. But each user’s skin is different, so there will be a different reaction to cosmetics. When the user for a variety of reasons when skin problems, we do not excuse, we find out the truth at all, let the user problems are properly handled. A deal is not done, two times, not on the two time on the three, the three will not work, we will do our best to help. No one dares to push my God, after 28 years in showbiz, I know I know more universally condemned the power and value of goodwill. A lot of people say that the star business brings light bad, I thought it was a gentle knife. Speak can not go wrong, the product can not be wrong, can not make mistakes. Each tiny event has been reconstructed and diffused by the public opinion, and the brand effect of the star, in this amplification effect, but also appears to be small and fragile. However, in order to imagine the beauty of my career, I would like to learn from each of the entrepreneurs around, research products, research business, research users, to take on this unbearable weight. Finally, thanks to the media and the public. Miss Cui to experience things, we will not do this, we will continue to contact Miss Cui, let things full circle to the satisfaction of all.相关的主题文章: