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"True lies" poster Zheng Xiaolong James Luo Jin exposed Sina entertainment news produced by Zheng Xiaolong, Yu Chun, Yu Jinwei directed the [micro-blog] as a producer, Luo Jin, Pan Zhilin, Morni Chang [micro-blog] [micro-blog], [micro-blog], Cao syndrome Lv Xingchen, Wang Yanhui, Cheng Yu and other actors in the drama "strong plot of true love lies the icebreaker" recently exposed the first concept poster, posters on the background of the concept of ice cold anomaly. It is reported that the TV play by Beijing bloomage Taihe Film Co. Ltd and Dongyang City LETV flowers Television Culture Co., Beijing nesound see network media Limited by Share Ltd jointly build, October 29th will be a grand start. Concept poster high-altitude view overlooking the frozen wilderness in the book "heavy suspense breaking love lies" exposure of a TV drama poster anti traditional realism style, the suspense pushed to the extreme: the poster with a bird’s-eye view perspective rendering, it was cold and windy. In a snow covered wilderness, a car was parked, and three men opened the door in three different directions. According to the film side, the snow is snow, and ice "just love lies" the title of the formation of pun image. This concept poster slogan is "love poison surprise you". A character, the amount of information is full of love, suspense, city. When these light elements together, will produce what kind of chemical reaction. Zheng Xiaolong James Luo Jin learned that the "ice breaking love lies" is a drug as the background of strong plot drama. The male Luo Jin was the "imperial specialist", played the role of "new three" in the hanxiandi, "scheming beauty" Middle East Han Chu Liu Ying. "Ice love lies", Luo Jin identity whirling, changeable character. Producer Zheng Xiaolong asserts that he is the only candidate actor, he as a james. The play also gathered Pan Zhilin, Morni Chang, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. Female Pan Zhilin won the 2015 East Asian influential Canon Award for most promising newcomer. Morni Chang in the 2006 phenomenal masterpiece "struggle" as rich Xu Zhisen, 2004 with "high noon" won the Golden Bell Award for drama actor award. The film star Zheng Xiaolong James starred in the Cao syndrome from "Red Sorghum" in "Qian Yulang" and the angle of the villain the indissoluble bound, as in the "Mi month biography" funny than the king of chu. It is reported that he will play a very desirable role. As the two women of the Lv Xingchen is the new generation of actors, who won the first movie "Lang in the door" to sing folk songs, such as actress won the fourteenth Shanghai International Film Festival Best Actress Award Jin Jue awards. Wang Yanhui is nicknamed "mad monk" of the famous director Cao Baoping’s Queen actress, in the "glorious anger" murderer "also" "sun burning heart" in such films as well. Cheng Yu is the most well-known film and television drama. The Producer Director Zheng Xiaolong from the early years of the "Beijing in New York" to "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "Red Sorghum", then to "Mi month biography", Zheng Xiaolong one hand will lead in the industry is not a small heat)相关的主题文章: