Two Opportunities To Coach

Reference-and-Education When you’re looking to start out your career as a sports coach or perhaps take a break in the middle of your career, taking a volunteer position to coach abroad has much to offer. If you’re just starting out, you might be interested in gaining coaching experience before entering onto the job market; if you’re a more experienced athletic coach, volunteering to coach abroad in the middle of your career could allow you to push your skills in a new and exciting area, and present new and interesting challenges. There are many different ways to get started in your volunteer adventure, but going through a specialised travel .pany experienced in destinations, is always the wisest choice. This article will highlight some of the projects currently looking for volunteers to join them. Football Coaching in South Africa Based in Port Elizabeth in South Africa, this project accepts volunteers who are interested in working with local children. If you decide to coach abroad here, you’ll gain skills in the organisation of football matches and tournaments in the local townships and schools of the area. The kids here are from all age groups and are eager to learn the skills and knowledge of the game. Though this project will not give you formal experience in structured team training and team formation, the project is greatly rewarding because of the talent and enthusiasm present in the children who participate. Netball Coaching in Ghana Though when you think of netball Ghana may not be the first place that .es to mind, there has been an increasing participation in the sport there in recent years – especially in the under 10s and under 18 age groups. This offers good experience if you want to coach abroad and are primarily interested in working with younger children. On this project, the volunteers work with students in local townships and surrounding schools teaching the skills and rules of the game. The netball players you teach will vary in athletic ability, .munication skills and experience, giving you a great opportunity to gain skills working with many different personalities. However, their enthusiasm always shines through and, as netball has increased in popularity in recent years, many of them will dream of playing netball for their national side. Interestingly, for this project there are different roles for volunteers with different levels of coaching experience providing an exciting introduction to coaches just starting out, and offering new challenges to the more seasoned sportspeople. If you’re one of the novices just starting out in the field, you might be asked to help a more experienced coach with training exercises and team building workshops. However, if you’re certified with experience, you might be offered your own league, giving you the chance to organise your own team and an opportunity to train newer coaches. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: