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Fashion-Style If youre a sailor, you need gear. Its that simple. Being out on the water means (surprise) that youre going to get wet whether from above (rain), below (spray) or everywhere at once (severe storms with high waves). Your safety and health as well as your overall comfort level will depend, to a large degree, on whether or not you have the right kind of protective clothing for the situation youre in. Of course, depending on the level of wetness you typically encounter during your day-to-day sailing, you may need to purchase different degrees of protective clothing that reflect the current weather conditions. You may need a light jacket, a heavier foul-weather coat or a more complete ensemble that includes sailing pants and a full complement of thermal underwear. In extreme cases, you may want to purchase an entire set of Grundens foul weather gear. Whatever type of gear you need, its your responsibility as a sailor to do your research, decide on the level of protection you need and purchase the foul weather clothing that best satisfies your individual outdoor needs. Here are the main types of foul weather gear: which one do you think might be the best fit for you? Rain Gear This is the lightest level of protective gear possible. Its the grown-up, sailors version of the kids yellow slicker. A good set of rain gear does just what the name implies lets light rainstorms roll off you like water off a ducks back. Your set of rain duds may include jackets, hoods or hats, and occasionally pants. The greatest blessing of a good set of rain gear is that it typically comes in layers, allowing you to shed layer by layer as the storm finishes and the sun comes back out. Rain gear is comfortable, convenient and sometimes most importantly cheap. Coastal Gear A set of coastal gear protects you from the medium level of foul weather, and may include a thin, surfer-type wetsuit as well as gloves, shoes and a hood. Your coastal gear wont protect you from the hardcore gales youll encounter offshore (that task is left up to your Grundens foul weather gear) but it will help keep you dry in those situations where your fishermans slicker doesnt quite cut it. Offshore Gear This heavy-duty protective gear is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. This serious foul-weather clothing is the real deal, designed to keep you safe, warm and dry in the most severe of storms and heavy seas. Your set of offshore gear will include a thick, strong, tough jacket with harness loops, a pair of foul-weather pants, some serious sea boots and a lot of thermal underwear and sweaters underneath. Serious sailors dont look like fashion models they often resemble bears bundles up in extra blubber for a winters hibernation. Your offshore gear will never win a beauty contest, but it does what its designed to do: brush off heavy wind, pelting rain, snow and sleet while keeping you dry, warm and ready for action. (Unfortunately, really good dry suits dont come cheaply but next time you find yourself about to capsize off Cape Horn, youll be very thankful you spent the money for a decent set of gear.) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: