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Urgent production is a good thing? – some mothers and mothers of mothers and children of Sohu think it is a terrible thing to have children, so I hope to be able to grow faster. However, too fast is not a good thing. There have been such a news, a mother suddenly at home labor, there is no way to the hospital, thanks to the community doctor to ensure the safety of the mother. Doctors believe that the fetus hold anxious to be born, born too fast, not good for mother and fetus. This situation is generally called "emergency production". What is urgent production? From the rules to complete delivery of fetal pain, less than 3 hours it is called precipitatus. In medicine is defined as the production of the emergency: the first fetal primipara, the rate of expansion of the cervix is greater than 5 cm per hour; maternal, the rate of expansion of the cervix per hour more than 10 cm. Why is "urgent" is not necessarily a good thing? Standing in the mother’s point of view: the contraction of the uterus is too strong, the fetus through the birth canal too fast, will cause the mothers of perineum, vagina or cervical laceration. Sometimes it can cause uterine fiber to reduce the ability to shrink, so that the placenta can not be successful output, increase the possibility of postpartum hemorrhage. Stand in the baby’s perspective: Uterine continuously strong contraction, will seriously hamper the placental blood circulation, sometimes the blood supply of uterine artery compression and temporary occlusion, the consequences may cause fetal hypoxia in utero. If the baby’s birth rate is too fast, it will cause the baby can not adapt to the sudden changes in the external pressure in a short time, resulting in brain damage in children. Which mother is likely to occur "emergency"? Clinically, the possibility of acute production is not very high, under normal circumstances, an average of 100 women in each of the 3 to 5 people are in urgent condition, the incidence rate of less than 5%. In addition, the initial production of the possibility of emergency production is also very low. The occurrence of acute and mother’s age Never mind much, but the pregnancy and birth order, from birth sign (Law of labor, water break, fall red) to the production of primipara requires an average of 6 to 18 hours, if the children’s mothers (especially the front tire experienced pain, the cervix has opened natural childbirth maternal), an average of 4 to 8 hours. However, more and more production parity usually exercise, she is tall, pelvic or baby’s lighter weight words are likely to cause acute. The smooth degree of fetal birth, and maternal pelvic bone has a very large, if the fetal head but maternal pelvic narrow, in the process of birth may be stuck; if the fetal head is small but the pelvic cavity, the fetus was born smoothly, if she was not on the pain of childbirth very sensitive, may in the hospital go the way we produced. Mothers should pay attention to timely detection of acute signs of whether it is the first few days of production, close to the pre production period, if more and more aware of fall red, uterine contraction is more and more strong, has a strong meaning, want not consciously force when the best is rushed to the hospital by production. In addition, when the emergency will happen, even if it has been inside the hospital should pay more attention to the above situation. Ratio相关的主题文章: