Verification code into the largest black hole of information leakage loss of the takeaway platform xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The verification code into the black hole information leaked biggest takeaway platform loss verification code million in November 8th, the Beijing Daily reporter was informed that in the case of network hacking, police uncovered the largest verification code platform — love code case, to disclose such verification code behind the black industry chain platform. Including love, through the intervention of platform code verification code platform, the use of the card device "cat pool", received tens of thousands of the project site verification code service, in addition to causing takeaway platform tens of millions of dollars of losses, also formed a fraud. The industry believes that this is not a complete implementation of the real name system is not associated with telecommunications. The new platform to create "wool party" reportedly, including love code, verification code platform is one of the major sources of income, the preferential policy is to drill holes in takeaway ordering platform and many business platform launched. A lot of platform in order to ensure the authenticity of the registered users, to prevent malicious registration and login hit the library and other issues, will be in the registration and login module set up SMS verification code for authentication, such as hungry, U.S., Baidu takeaway takeaway platform through "the first single preferential policies to pull the new. In this business model, the use of verification code to reap the benefits of the Internet platform will breed. Because ordinary users generally only one or two mobile phone number, some preferential policies can only enjoy one or two times on the platform, in order to meet the consumer "cheap" mentality, a device called the "cat pool" was invented. Beijing Daily reporter learned that the "cat pool" is like a simple mobile phone can be inserted a mobile phone card, can be understood as the N card N to put a large number of mobile phone SIM card into the "cat pool", regardless of whether the real name or arrears, as long as you can receive text messages can be used. A computer can be connected to several "cat pool", each "cat pool" according to the port number is different, can also insert 8-64 card mobile phone SIM card, can form a verification code receiving platform, so as to the new account registration attitude in a variety of platforms, a new user called. Police said, by taking the purchase of "cat pool" card and mobile phone card, and then received the love of this code verification code on the platform, after the mobile phone number registered business platform or website, business card will receive SMS verification code, the code will be transferred to the verification code verification code platform, finally the results back to the platform number of scan software connection service, allow hackers to bypass the SMS verification implementation directly hit the library. Some small businesses to buy their own cat pool, close the phone SIM card, in the QQ group to sell the service to accept the verification code, greedy cheap takeaway users in the search, QQ group and other ways to get the contact information. Beijing Daily reporter search on the QQ platform "code" three words, appear hundreds of QQ group, such as "mobile phone verification code, verification code SMS channel", "Kyushu card business verification code, verification code generation" QQ group. They provide mobile phone number for the user to take the point of cooperation. A takeaway platform first single discount 20 yuan to count, the user with the black card ordering, pay 10 yuan brush in hand, you can save 10 yuan, every day in order to eat "cheap" takeaway, many ordinary users become black platform profit accomplice. On the Internet, this is to earn a small reward or take back to take away the role of cheap platform is called wool.相关的主题文章: