Watching people back chills afraid to sleep ten horror anime inventory super bass

Watching people back chills afraid to sleep ten horror anime inventory as the saying goes that, in this cold winter everyone will want to see some warm warm animation, but always some people love to act in a diametrically opposite way, the cold sweat is to find some more things, such as horror animation. Speaking of fear of Japan ranked second, no one dared to row first, a lot of Japanese horror movies, but when it comes to animation seems to have no movie so many famous. But not afraid, less there are so few Di, now take a look at Xiaobian recommend 10 Japanese horror animation, many of which are in the plot to win, but there are also many terrorist genuine goods at a fair price. (Note: rank and file) 1, terrorist pet shop pet shop is the fall of the most famous cartoon of jasmine, in 1999 produced a set of 4 OVA. The 4 sets were sold by the Earl of D pets to the guests and then a number of terrorist incidents, which tells a story about human nature and love. The work is pet shop of horrors because the Earl of D sale of pets are available in the market to buy even you could not imagine the species such as the mermaid, Phoenix, kylin… Every pet will have a taboo matters and guests can not violate the treaty, or there will be incredible horror. If you look at the comic book is basically no sense of terror, but the animation to do a good job. 90s animation has not been so bright picture quality, when Lu Lu’s style is very suitable for the atmosphere of terror pet shop. In fact, these 4 sets of animation behind the three episodes is not very scary, so that the small series memorable is the first episode. Earl D sold the rabbit to a couple and signed a contract, in addition to water and vegetables not to eat other things, the couple still violated the contract for the rabbit ate cookies, finally the rabbit kept breeding soaring not only destroyed the flesh is eaten a couple of two people. A small impression is staring red eyes Crazy Rabbit cute scene and impression rabbit eating people formed a huge contrast, I believe that not only small this works for many people’s childhood left a profound influence. 2, when they cry "when they cry" name natural needless to say, the Dragon Knight’s world outlook shaping and laid the game and animation script attractive feature. "4" animation with chilling set to tell a story, "the first quarter" due to the excellent story and chilling atmosphere, really will see it with hair standing on end. Also the achievements of the Ryumiya Reina "chopper female" image, and the image of the black sisters Qi round is also popular. But Xiaobian recommended only "chilling" the first and second quarter, terrorist are concentrated in the first quarter, while the focus of the second quarter is the decryption and paste pit. There are a lot of "OVA" for chilling, style…… I can only say is the warmth of the temple tablets. Whether it is summer or winter to see the "chilling" in fact, they do not have a taste, after Maehara Keiichi came to see after the young Ze with friends feel comfortable, but appear strange phenomenon and Guiyin occurred, the insider gradually clear, more and more interesting. The elusive Lana and crazy circle Ze sisters are shivers, and mysterious.相关的主题文章: