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Business Hey everybody, Hector the Collector here. I’m here as we continue this MLM Biz Builder Extravaganza. I have here with me, who I’ve had an honor to meet, Jerry Ellefson. Who is he? He is Steve Schuitt’s, Ryan Dunn’s and DK’s top student. He now makes multiple five figures in.e and has success with Wealth Masters International. You should check out his story. Well without further adieu, Jerry Ellefson. Wealth Masters then said,"Hey Hector. It’s nice to be here with you at beautiful Santa Monica beach. We’re having an awesome seminar with Steve Schuitt, Ryan Dunn and DK Karganilla. It’s all about learning how to use social media marketing, Internet marketing and building your business online. A little bit about my background, as you can see I’m a baby-boomer. I didn’t grow up with a .puter. In fact, six or seven months ago all I knew how to do online was to send an email or do a search. But I’ve been able to have some great success in a short period of time because I’ve really aligned myself with top people like Hector the Collector, like Kendrick, like DK, like Steve Schuitt, like Ryan Dunn.So I would encourage you if you’re looking to build your business online. Maybe you already have a business and are struggling or you want to learn how to generate a new source of means, whatever you want to do. Maybe you are just looking around for the first time. But get with people like this.’ Then you will be the leader that people are looking for. Wealth Masters International Jerry Ellefson then concluded with,"Hector back to you." I then ended with this"Hey, you heard him. Basically, he hit the nail in the coffin. Wow! What’s our excuse? He didn’t know how to operate a .puter. That’s a good inspiration. Thank you very much for doing this interview with us. I’ll have more clips and more articles along with an interview with Steve Schuitt and Ryan Dunn.Hector the Collector here. See you guys on the next video and article! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: