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Wearing a mask is not suitable for infants and young children how to protect the haze – Sohu maternal and child today, China’s first national standard for civil protective masks – Daily protective mask technical specifications, the official implementation. The choice of masks has national standards, but for many mothers, these standards are missing one of the most important: Children’s mask standards. Participate in the formulation of norms of the experts said, because of the difference of children’s physical characteristics of the respiratory system, in the development stage, the respiratory resistance requirements are particularly high, once the improper use will cause permanent damage to the respiratory system of children. So it is clear that the standard is not suitable for children with masks". In addition, if the baby wearing a mask for too long, the nasal cavity and the entire respiratory mucosa will not get exercise, but easy to catch a cold. Since the baby is not suitable for wearing masks, haze and how to prevent it? 1 people should avoid outdoor Countermeasures of main source regions exposed to suspended particles, suspended particles in coal-fired power plants, incineration plants, petrochemical plants and other industrial areas with high concentration and easy attachment of chemicals (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), so under the environment for infants. During rush hour periods for a high concentration of suspended particles in the road, should be avoided during this period to go out, and the child should avoid strenuous exercise in the adjacent roads; avoid outdoor smoking area, barbecue area, burning behavior and purchase, waiting for food should avoid close to the cooking area and the exhaust outlet hood; related research points the pollen concentration, showing a significant positive correlation with the maximum temperature should be avoided in the afternoon to stay in the garden or field. When they go out, can choose to take the subway and other traffic tools to reduce their exposure to harmful particles; if required to drive themselves, should reduce the time window, open the door, in order to avoid suspended particles into traffic exhaust gases; ride electric vehicles can choose path traffic lights less traffic, can reduce the time stay on the road to reduce exposure. 2 personal and home guard indoor suspended particulate source solutions are common home cooking, smoking, incense, plant pollen, people and pets, home air conditioning air entrainment into the suspended particles etc.. Home cooking, should be less with the fire stir, and try to maintain good ventilation, can turn away from the smoke lampblack machine doors and windows; if the use of a vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner equipped with optional high efficiency particulate air filter, in order to effectively isolate the suspended particles, while cleaning please keep good ventilation; ventilation design again, right also, one strategy for reducing the indoor suspended particles, can add the fresh air ventilation pipeline, but it should be noted that the transfer ports to avoid pollution sources; finally, the relevant survey pointed out that in the home grown green, Chlorophytum, ivy leaf rich green plants, can be adsorbed in the air of dust, can reduce the suspended particles to a certain extent and can achieve the function of purifying air.相关的主题文章: