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SEO It is really tough to find a reliable search engine optimization company. Actually, I need a search engine optimization company to optimize my new website. I have approached one company and impressed by seeing their profile. That was my huge mistake. Though it is a popular company but they are failed to satisfy me. Frankly, they are not concentrating on individual projects, which mean they do seo in mass flow. In other words, they well did ON page optimization but they did one mistake with my site. Due to their mistake, my site has been banned by Google for 40 days. At that time, I was shocked. At that time onwards, my heart beat is raised. However, one fine day my friend has suggested one search engine optimization company WebLogix, Inc. E Solutions by seeing my tension. Later, I approached their support and gave excellent advice to me. Finally, I decided to approach WebLogix E Solutions for re-optimization. Surprisingly, my site has been reappeared in Google Search Engine results within few days. Actually, my previous company did mistake with site. Not only one search engine optimization firms. Most of the SEO companies do this common technique. Actually, every website needs quality backlinks in order to get good PageRank and also to increase the visibility in Internet. Previously, SEO companiess employees submit each and every site to social bookmarking sites, blog directories, comments, forum posting and etc individually. It takes some time. However, now every company simply submits clients site to thousands of websites with the help of auto submission softwares within few minutes. These auto submission softwares well submit to every site without any problem. In few days, your site could be appeared in search engines with thousands of backlinks. Clients feel very happy due to search engine optimization organizations smart work but major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing never appreciate us for these tricks. Finally, those companies ban our websites, which are actually submitted to more sites through auto submission softwares. I am one of the victims of Search Engine Optimization companies. Not only me; most of the website owners are still doing common mistake by attracting with search engine optimization companies tricks and promises. As per my person experience, I well satisfied with WebLogix E Solutions search engine Optimization Company. I definitely prefer WebLogix for further optimization. Now my website gets good traffic as well as valuable PageRank. If you are presently searching for Seo Company, you are at right place. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: