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Westward Journey Mobile Games festival activities Raiders   the Double Ninth Festival Activities — people.com.cn game original title: Journey to the West Mobile Games festival activities. Chinese Raiders Festival Traditional Culture Festival Chongyang Festival is approaching, the National People’s foresight, travel to enjoy the autumn season to celebrate the "Westward Journey", Mobile Games will launch "ascend enjoy Chongyang" fun game play, big game player invited join arena, experience the bustling festive atmosphere within the game, game player to win the rich festival benefits! Participate in the festival fun gameplay, looking for the "mystery man" to join the double ninth contest, game player in addition to enjoy overlooking leisure interests, in the process of looking for each layer of "mystery man phantom", there are surprises mountain treasure, full morph and other interesting gameplay design for game player game player according to discover! Climbing layers, at the end of the mission when more people experience, game props rich holiday welfare game! At the same time, according to the competition time, the official will also set up a high ranking (the same number of game player to comprehensive strength ranking), among the best in the climbing competitions in the game player will be on the list. All climbing through the list "game player to receive reward button to get a holiday benefits, can also be understood in the list of game player role name, the highest number of game information by climbing the charts, enjoy the full service game player climbing style! As a Chinese traditional cultural festival, Double Ninth Festival to ward off evil pesticides in traditional customs, Chongyang Festival is approaching, the official will be on-line "dirt removing giku" gameplay. A wave of unholy Taisui will be spread bad in the gang scene in 11:15, 15:15, 19:15 on a daily basis, all the heroes can set three people team, kill the unholy Taisui as gangs from bad! Game player in the first kill "unholy Taisui", will get rich experience rewards, again kill will only reduce the bad value (arebad value dropped to 0, Taisui disappeared). At the same time, if the game player can in 20 minutes to kill BOSS, as well as a chance to brush out the mysterious chest, rich game rewards and many other heroes to take! (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: