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Home-Based-Business If you happen to keep up on the changing trends of window treatments, you may have noticed a surge in the popularity of faux wood blinds. Even if you are abreast to this trend, you might not be .pletely sure of what faux wood window blinds actually are. In the simplest terms, faux wood window blinds are a type of blinds made from a high quality PVC, a type of high tech synthetic material. These types of blinds have the appearance and texture of real wood – they look like wood and feel like wood (though wood blinds tend to be a bit heavier) – but they also possess many advantages that real wood blinds tend to lack. First of all, faux wood blinds are more affordable than their real counterparts. They are also more ideal for homes where they may be prone to wear and tear (including elements of mother nature), homes with pets, kids, or just a large amount of general traffic. Faux wood window blinds are also very easy to clean. Unlike drapes or cloth blinds, faux wood window blinds can be made immaculate with a simple rag and a bucket of hot water. Faux wood window blinds wont crack, fade, or be.e warped. This makes them ideal for rooms where there tends to be a lot of moisture (such as your kitchen and your bathroom) as well as rooms that get a lot of sun. They are ideal for hanging in sun rooms, on enclosed porches, or in rooms that are engulfed in sunlight through most of the day. Faux window blinds are also a good choice for any room that is prone to temperature swings throughout the day or the season. Drastic temperature swings can quickly ruin other types of blinds. One reason for the upswing in the popularity of faux wood window blinds is the refinement of the product. Over the years, these blinds have advanced to be.e more versatile, more affordable, and more durable. They have also began looking more and more like actual wood. Faux wood window treatments are also very eco-friendly, something that may be important if you are hoping to make your home a little greener. If you are considering outfitting your home in new window treatments, faux wood window blinds are a great choice. They are long lasting, affordable, durable, and provide the look of real wood without the cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: