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Arts-and-Entertainment Prom night can be the defining moment of high school for many. Blame it on all the movies that have been made on it, or on the hype surrounding the title of prom queen. A prom queen is supposed to be the most perfect young lady, the object of every gentlemans desire, and the girl who everyone wishes to be. However, have you ever wondered what happens when this queen goes back home, only to realize that the title that now defines her, has not really changed her life in any way? She will still have to deal with everything, right from a broken heart to the pressure of being an adult, just like any other girl! The movie, Young Adult, acquaints us to the thirty-something old Mavis Gary, played by award-winning actress Charlize Theron, who after winning the title of prom queen in high school has never really been able to move on. Watch Young Adult movie online to see what this middle-aged woman goes through when she faces a longing desire to return to the life that she has left behind years ago. Mavis is a ghost writer for a series of young novels, and is fairly famous, at least in her hometown. However, her lonely existence and the pain of her recent divorce make it difficult for her to cope with her life. She makes the drastic decision of returning to her hometown, and reliving the life that she simply cannot get over. Young Adult is replete with just about every element that goes on to make a blast of entertainment. Right from rib-tickling comedy to a heartwarming romance, youll get it all as you tune in to the movie online! As we watch Mavis returning to the small town she grew up in, in Minnesota, we realize that she has much more on her mind than a simple family reunion. Her real mission is the romantic pursuit of her high school crush, whom she still has the hots for. Tune in to Young Adult movie online after its release on December 16. Even though Mavis has all that a man can dream of in a woman, the man she is pursuing, Buddy (Patrick Wilson), is happily married and has just got his first child. Despite the horribly wrong timing, Mavis delusions of grandeur keep her hopes high, as she refuses to believe the truth. Watch Young Adult online to see what happens next as another of her former classmates, Matt (Patton Oswalt) steps into the scene. It turns out that Matt is also going through a similar patch like Mavis, and instantly crushes on her, on learning of her return. As you tune in to Young Adult online, you will be in for a wholesome dose of entertainment, which will have you in splits of laughter, while also tugging at your heartstrings! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: