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When I teach guys, I’m always torn about how much to tell them. Not about actual tools they need to be master pickup artists. But about myself. If I were to go into detail about my life, it would probably look like bragging. And it might be discouraging. I recall telling students stories of my exploits, and they actually got upset because they felt that my reality was too far away from theirs – that they couldn’t get to my level in their lifetime. But that’s not true. It can seem a lot harder than it actually is. Not to say it’s easy. I had to earn every skill I have. I worked for the lifestyle I have. But it was fun. Hard at times, but worth the effort. And the things I learned. Sometimes I think that pickup is really a springboard for spiritual growth. You have to be a student of life and absorb all the information you can. The best guys are well-versed in every aspect of pickup. The students that accelerate the fastest are the ones that stay involved – studying every new resource. For me, I didn’t have any of this stuff, which is why it took so long to get good. But I can’t go back in time, and I’m thankful the hard times are over. I want to talk a little bit about my life, and the lives of some coaches. I will not give any revealing information – no names or specific details. I just want to give you an idea of what it’s like being great with women. First of all, it’s helluva lot easier to focus on the important stuff like running my business, doing hobbies (like yoga and martial arts), and spending time with friends. All of my coaches take part in lots of activities and have a wide range of interests. Matt, for example, is really into ballroom dancing, and just participated in his first competition. When you’re not preoccupied with how to get girls, you can focus on other stuff, and live a well-rounded life. And you’ll be more successful in those other activities because you’re not distracted by not getting laid. Which brings me to the next thing. I never get needy when I meet a new girl. I am already sleeping with great women, so I don’t feel that desperation I used to. I’m willing to let her go if things don’t work out. It’s this lack of neediness that prevents me from making the kind of mistakes that kill attraction. Basically, attraction is killed by acting needy and seeking approval. Which leads me to the next point. I don’t seek approval from women because I like my life. I like who I am, so it’s irrelevant to me if a woman does not like me. If the girl doesn’t like me, it doesn’t mean anything other than she either a) has a skewed impression of me, or b) is a negative person and I don’t want anything to do with her anyways. Too many women love me for me to doubt my attractiveness at this point. And this leads me to my final point. I have lots of great women in my life, and I get way more than my fair share of amazing hook up. And this is the outcome of one main skill. When I approach woman, I know what to do, and what to tell. It’s not about saying the specific thing – there’s no such thing as the "right" thing. It’s more about using conversation as a tool to move in the direction I want. So many guys lack direction in their lives, and in their conversations. And yet, as a man, it’s almost impossible to do ANYTHING without some kind of clearly defined goal or purpose. No wonder most guys fail with women. They don’t have any direction in their interactions. Know where to go verbally, at every step. Also learn how to generate rapport, and manifest a connection out of thin air with virtually every woman you meet. But only if you want to. Some woman, although beautiful, won’t meet your standards. A man with standards is most attractive to women. But having standards requires options. Develop the skills to get those options. Be THAT MAN, now. Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo 相关的主题文章: