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What is the difference between tea and tea? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea 2016 tea "five hundred years Pu’er Tea Jingmai mountain you love is pure love or more material blending? I believe most of the Pu’er tea friends have heard people ask this question. Everyone has their own answers. For this old question, the answer is very clear in my heart: "match". Thin want to come, why do I so much with the process? Holding this problem, I recall the past of tea, suddenly found himself TMD first drink Pu’er tea is firm old pure material pie believers! Just a few years I had betrayed the faith in the ancient single "traitor" pie!?? I talk about the mentality of a traitor, saying when Pu’er Tea have a drink with my teacher. He is the ancient Junichi school, my name on the disciple (two) of natural tea knowledge and understanding to the teachings of the teacher as inevitable. At the time of great benefits, Shimonoseki understanding is platform material, tea bitter astringent, drink the old 2006 Shimonoseki Tuo jia. But the old tea tea pure material normally drank all mountain sweet and smooth, and the teacher is pure material will bubble tea, the general in his hand the ancient pure bitter bubble does not come out, very sweet and smooth, aroma is also very beautiful. Map: South Beauty Tea 2016 tea "five hundred years Pu’er Tea Jingmai hill" now which I admire to the teacher. This tea learn that for a long time, people are conceited, of course, half a bucket of water level is very easy to be complacent do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. In a coincidence, I heard that the circle of a friend started to drink 88 green, red wine, usually the circle is a good old tea drink. My heart is a big do not believe in contempt, after all, at that time I understand that these are legendary tea tea, simply can not easily get drunk. To this end, I heard the friend often go to tea. Choose the right time directly kill the past, that night to friends often go to the store, people not to follow the other tea shop, drink a new global 7542 and a global 7542 in 2007, the sense of superiority that time heart despised and heart ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha I think are funny. Just think that what I want, when ready to go home, my friend came (this time to thank God, let me more than a few minutes and didn’t leave immediately). After listening to my friend Ming had come directly for tea, of course, directly to drink 2003 silver Dayi (pure dry), then 97 blue water (Chun Gan), and finally the 96 orange orange (slightly wet). Map: South Beauty Tea 2016 tea "five hundred years Pu’er Tea Jingmai hill" was the tea entrance moment, I felt I was in shock B, rich taste and no feeling, strong oral stimulation, extremely complex and deep fragrance…… Everything is new to me. This is like a drink beverage syrup as the only child first drink cola. A few cups of tea a night, they did not say anything to me, explain what. I feel like I’m on my own相关的主题文章: