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Web-Development Content management systems have be.e the most preferred choices for website development. Currently, there are so many CMS available in the market that it has be.e difficult to select the most appropriate one. Most of the time, people search for a CMS that is cost-effective, user-friendly, easily maintainable and has lots of vital features, and Joomla is the CMS that suits all the above requirements. It is liked by web designers, developers and users alike because it enables easy creation and efficient management of websites. It is the best package for CMS development, and several factors are responsible for it. Let’s have a look at the factors that makes it a perfect CMS package. Cost Effectiveness and Flexibility Since, Joomla is a free and open source framework, you do not need to pay for licensing or downloading. This drastically reduces the over all development cost. It also saves your maintenance costs because once the site has been developed, you do not require developers for post maintenance and support. Joomla’s structure and features enable website owners to maintain and manage their websites without demanding any technical knowledge or expertise. Besides the cost factor, it is Joomla’s immense flexibility that makes it a favorite choice of users as well as developers. Its use isn’t restricted to blogs or static websites because it has been powered to run any sort of website or web application. Its range extends from blogs, corporate websites and portals and e.merce sites to online magazines and newspapers and government applications. Apart from building websites, there are lots of other advanced ways to use this CMS. Joomla developers can use the core Joomla framework to go beyond the basic package and develop sophisticated add-ons like data reporting tools, custom product catalogs, .plex business directories and other productive applications. Plenty of Features Features of a CMS act as its identity, and Joomla has plenty of powerful features that can be customized and used by developers to meet the specific needs of the owners and end users. With features like RSS feed, polls, searches, page caching, news flashes and language internationalization, Joomla powers websites to be.e user-friendly for both customers, as well as administrators (who are mainly the website owners). These robust features augment the functionality and performance of websites. Moreover, it keeps updating its features that make them more sophisticated. Customizable Templates Templates are, perhaps, the best tools around that can work wonders for site owners. Joomla’s ready-to-use and customizable templates give it an upper hand over other CMS. Its templates are extremely beneficial for luring customers because they can be customized effortlessly with catchy designs and vibrant colors and images. Also, these templates are affordable and time-saving. The templates also have fonts that are used to give a uniform look to the website. Abundance of Extensions Basically, Joomla’s extensions consist of modules, plugins, .ponents, languages and templates where each extension handles a specific funtions. But, the overall number of .mercial extensions available from official Joomla! Extension Directory is 9200 and lots of other extensions are available from various sources. The abundance of extensions helps developers and users to extend capability of Joomla’s websites and make sites more customizable. These factors have helped Joomla to conquer the web development market. Apart from these factors, its MVC structure and support for MySQL and MS SQL databases give it an extra edge over other CMS. Joomla also works well in shared hosting environment, which makes it even more suitable for web development. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: