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Where does child labor go home? November 21st, a section of the Jiangsu, Changshou City clothing Workshop on the use of child labor video on the network quickly spread. In the afternoon, the Changshou City government held an emergency meeting, request the public security agency, market supervision etc., belong to the government departments will immediately carry out a dragnet investigation assault. According to the Changshu side, the night of the working group of the investigation of 1797 small workshops, 163 stores and businesses, found suspected child labor of 8. At present, someone’s unit has been investigated by the social sector. According to official data, since 2012, Changshou City investigated the use of child labor cases 107 cases, involving the use of child labor, a fine of $211 to the relevant units of coexistence of $about 3000000. This data set is intended, the government of Changshou City to the community that he has been to fulfill their duties, in the fight against child labor against strong. But out of the government’s logic point of view, it shows that the problem of child labor has been banned, sustained. In this regard, in view of the problem of child labor, rather than blame Changshou City related law enforcement agencies lack of supervision, as the root of the problem of child labor to vet. According to the "Yunnan Spring City Evening News" reported that there are a lot of people in Yunnan by the intermediary to work in Changshu every year, last year alone 6000 people, many of whom are minors. Due to lack of comprehensive and field investigation, we can not grasp the specific circumstances of child labor, including age distribution, family background and education. But a little speculation, they are likely to drop out of school children in remote areas of Yunnan, poor families and the need for their labor, education and left behind to allow them to go to work. For the child’s family, I heard that there are channels to find a job, make money to support the family, which is a good thing. In the past 4 years, the government of Changshou City has investigated and dealt with cases of the use of child labour in. In the past year alone, Yunnan has had over more than 6 thousand people working in Changshu. These data indicate that the problem of child labor is not a simple problem of abuse, but has become a deeply embedded in the remote areas of labor into the developed areas of socio-economic problems. In accordance with the practice of the government of Changshou City, after the child was found to be returned, which is the usual move. But for the children of migrant workers, the child has not been rescued, how to continue to live, they did not significantly better way out. This is by no means encouraging the use of child labor, nor is it against the government. On the contrary, we are very supportive of the government’s approach, but after the investigation, to do further attention and questioning: children go home and where to go? It is reported that the child was rescued to be transferred to a local school in Changshou City for resettlement, the local also some of its teaching. In fact, these minors were supposed to stay in school and stay in class. The practice of Changshou City is commendable, but after the event is over, the wages of migrant workers have been recovered, the government will send them back home, so that the problem has not been resolved. After returning home, whether these children can get the appropriate education services? To some extent, this is as important as child labor itself. It can be speculated that if these children can not stay in school, they may return to Changshu. After all, family difficulties in school to return, and.相关的主题文章: