Who is stronger A Baba Fowler Phoenix Carnival doat

"Spring Festival Tour" who is stronger? A Baba Fowler Carnival Phoenix hot TPC Scottsdale sixteenth hole Beijing time on February 4th, the Phoenix open will fight in Beijing tonight, the game with other tour different distinctive features: loud. Call it the "Spring Festival Tour" — taking into account the Spring Festival – this week – a little too. The noise mainly comes from the TPC of Scottsdale sixteenth hole golf, this unique, surrounded by the audience stands up surrounded by the hole. In addition to the players ready to hit the ball at the moment, at other times, the audience can brazenly cheering and applause, and game tonight — war, there will be many top stars in the FedEx Cup standings top 30 players, 23 will appear in the TPC, Dyer coates. At the same time, the relationship between Phil and Arizona close – Mikkelsen will be the twenty-seventh time for the event — 20 years ago in 1996, the young Phil is here to win his occupation career in the seventh PGA championship. It was his tour in the United States the first overtime, he beat Justin Leonard. Mikkelsen was born in California to Arizona, graduated from the Arizona State University in Phoenix, when fans early on his own "". The 1996 race week, when the American Football Super Bowl first came to Phoenix, a record number of fans flock to TPC J Coates Dyer, saw Phil win. After winning, Phil Mikkelsen and his fiancee Amy Mike Buri sitting on a cart. Two people in the same year of marriage, conjugal love has. The hand cannon Baba Watson will also participate in this game for tenth consecutive years. Nine years ago, his three top ten, and last year are the second. He played 34 matches here, not a higher than the par performance. Here Watson will try to win his ninth PGA Tour champion. What about Ricci Fowler? Will this week he came to Phoenix for eighth consecutive years, and in the past seven years in the game, he only once in the top ten — 2010 runner up. Won two PGA Tour Players Championship last year, including him, could make a breakthrough this week in Scottsdale? Or, is the defending champion Brooks kopka? In the last year before the title, not many fans know his name. Now, distance, sight of him, is one of the hottest Star Tour on the match. Four weeks ago in Kapalua New Year’s opener, he ranked tied for third. "The green grass of the show, this week waiting for you. (source: the PGA Tour official WeChat)

“美巡春晚”谁更强? 老米巴巴福勒狂欢凤凰城 火爆的TPC斯科茨代尔第16洞   北京时间2月4日,凤凰城公开赛将于北京时间今晚开战,这场比赛有着与其他美巡赛不同的鲜明特色:喧闹。把它称作“美巡春晚”――考虑到本周的春节――一点也不为过。   喧闹声主要来自TPC斯科茨代尔的第16洞,这个高尔夫界绝无仅有、被四面观众看台“包围”起来的洞。除了球员准备击球的那一刻,在别的时候,观众们都可以肆无忌惮地欢呼、鼓掌,以及――   今晚开战的比赛,将有众多顶级明星参加:联邦快递杯积分榜前30位的球员中,有23位都将出现在TPC斯科茨代尔。与此同时,与亚利桑那关系密切的菲尔-米克尔森则将第27次出战本赛事――20年前的1996年,年轻的菲尔正是在这里,赢下了自己职业生涯中的第七个美巡赛冠军。那是他在美巡赛的第一场延长赛,他战胜的对手,是贾斯汀-莱昂纳德。   米克尔森出生于紧邻亚利桑那的加州,毕业于凤凰城的亚利桑那州立大学,当地球迷早就对他“视如己出”。1996年的比赛周,正值美式足球超级碗第一次来到凤凰城,数量创纪录的球迷涌入TPC斯科茨代尔,见证了菲尔的夺冠。   夺冠后,菲尔-米克尔森和未婚妻艾米-麦克布里奇一起坐上球车。两人在同年结婚,恩爱至今。   大炮手巴巴-沃森也将连续第十年参加本场比赛。之前九年,他三次排名前十,前年和去年都是并列第二。他在这里打了34轮比赛,没有一轮高于标准杆的成绩。沃森将试图在这里赢得自己的第九个美巡赛冠军。   里奇-福勒呢?这周将是他连续第八年来到凤凰城,而在过去七年的比赛中,他仅有一次排名前十――2010年的亚军。去年赢得两场美巡赛,包括球员锦标赛的他,能否在本周的斯科茨代尔有所突破?   又或者,是卫冕冠军布鲁克斯-科普卡?在去年夺冠之前,没有多少球迷知道他的名字。而现在,有距离、有准星的他,已是美巡赛上最炙手可热的新星之一。四周前在卡帕鲁阿的新年首战,他排名并列第三位。   “草地上最绿的秀”,本周等着你。   (文章来源:美巡赛官方微信)相关的主题文章: