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Who is the teachers to new period: the orientation of Education — people.com.cn September 9th morning, the important speech of general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping to Beijing City Bayi school students visit condolences when published, caused a strong reaction in the education system. "General Secretary Xi Jinping back to see the teacher, has set a good example for the whole society respecting." Party secretary, director of the Education Bureau of Guangzhou City flexor sentry said, no matter how far, no matter how high, is about to return to his alma mater alma mater and the life starting place, thinking will be excellent teachers worthy successors and builders of their culture. In August 1 with the school teachers and students forum, general secretary Xi Jinping said: "the teachers should be students’ temper character guide, make students learn knowledge guide, make students’ Creative Thinking Guide, guide students do dedication to the motherland." Beijing Zhongguancun three principal Liu Keqin said: "the ‘four man’ is our new era of teachers’ role orientation, but also efforts. The teacher is a key figure in the life of the students, to be particularly rich in love, patience, but also to have a professional and academic lead demonstration, the teacher’s move in one move, every move is a silent textbook. We will use our own actions to write this book." See the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward new requirements for education and teachers, south of the Five Ridges normal college party secretary Luo Haiou deeply aware of, is not a good teacher, the key to see whether the "four". The dignity of teachers, is single-minded, enterprising, innovation and dedication. The lofty morality lies in adhering to the platform, teaching and educating people, positive and profound impact on students. Yin Xuzhong, Party Secretary of Zhongshan Polytechnic, said: "education should not only pay attention to the professional development of students, but also pay attention to the growth of mind and soul. The essence of education is not only to impart skills, but to awaken another soul. For higher vocational colleges, employment is only the basic evaluation criteria, to strengthen the humanities, ideological, moral and spiritual development, to help students grow into a comprehensive development of citizens." "A good teacher is a good luck in life, a school with a good teacher is the glory of the school, a steady stream of a group of a group of good teachers is the hope of the nation." Xi Jinping, general secretary of this sentence so that the First Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University, Pinggu, the first branch of the executive president of the mind back to 17 years ago, Li Lei. At that time he had just graduated from Beijing Normal University, in the face of Real Estate Company, the state-owned enterprises, press thrown olive branch, he was not in the family opposition, choose the teacher occupation. "On the way to the teacher, is affected by my junior high school biology teacher, because of him, I have an interest in biology; University of biological choice, but also because of him, let me be full of reverence for the profession of teachers." Despite being on the job, Li Lei still does not forget to be a teacher. General secretary Xi Jinping said: "peace of mind in terms of teaching, from teaching enthusiasm and comfort from teaching and meditation from teaching so that the majority of teachers, so that the majority of teachers on the job happiness, career with a sense of accomplishment, the society has a sense of honor, to become a teacher of enviable occupation." Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Education Committee, the provincial education department director Luo Weiqi encouraged: This is to further strengthen the construction of teachers, improve相关的主题文章: