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Why does the baby often mouth water? Vigilance is a sign of disease slobber this is a common phenomenon in the baby, but often slobber could not stop the flow, it may be a sign of illness, parents should pay attention to distinguish the baby slobber is normal, if the baby slobber too much or won’t stop running, and early to consult a doctor as soon as possible the treatment, so as not to delay the disease, the health of the baby adversely. The four is a symptom of disease: if slobber when accompanied by mouth blisters, the baby may have disease of oral ulcer or stomatitis. Because oral ulcer more painful, so the baby may refuse to eat or dysphagia, parents can prepare some soft rotten liquid baby food. Case two: if one side slobber have a fever, runny nose, sore throat and tonsillitis is often accompanied by tonsillitis, throat swelling and discomfort, causing the baby swallowing difficulties. At this time, it is recommended that parents let the baby drink plenty of water, if necessary, on the hospital inspection. Case three: if the mouth is associated with drooling ulcer, the baby may be suffering from chicken pox or hand foot mouth disease. The baby or varicella infection of HFMD, may appear in the oral cavity ulcer or ulcer on the tongue, because it’s going to hurt, so the baby will show the dysphagia, if the baby refuses to eat, can let the baby drink some milk and rice paste, nutritional supplements. Situation four: when the baby drooling at the same time, also accompanied by abnormal behavior, such as coma, so parents have to pay special attention to. The baby may be suffering from neurological diseases, such as mental retardation, facial paralysis, meningitis sequelae. Baby drooling nursing method when the baby saliva outflow, the family should promptly wipe the saliva so as not to flow to the clothes and the body, the action should be soft, do not force wipe, so as not to damage the baby’s skin. Often there is water flow to the place, parents should pay attention to special cleaning and skin care products to protect the baby’s neck and chin. In addition, many babies like to put things into the mouth, and these things are a lot of bacteria, so the family should always clean the toys and baby’s hand. Family can give your baby the right to wear comfortable bib, bib can not only avoid the export flow to clothes and body, helps the baby to develop good hygiene. In order to ensure the health, the bib should be cleaned regularly, and keep clean and dry storage. The baby’s saliva will often flow to the clothes, pillows, bedding and other places, the family should often wash these clothes, so as not to grow bacteria for a long time, harm the baby’s health. In daily life should continue to exercise your baby’s chewing ability, through the gradually add complementary, gradually training baby sucking smoke and other movements, as soon as possible to let the baby no longer slobber. (Editor: Huang Wanwen)相关的主题文章: