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Why does Hulk play? It is not his fault on the port of a linen like back Hulk source: football Erickson intends to use the Hulk? This is a temporary solution to the problem. Hulk injury, Hong Kong played two games 1 flat 1 negative, a September 9th, Hong Kong 2 2 Beijing Guoan; another is September 13th, Hong Kong 0 than 5 defeated Jeonbuk crisp. As the price of 55 million 800 thousand euros in the astronomical star, he played very split, confused and chaotic. Below, we through the ice DATA technical statistics to illustrate. Obviously, it’s not his fault, but the result of the team’s contradictory accumulation. Look at the map of the area away from the hot and the Hulk, presence of sparse. To compare with the position of the whole image map center Jin Xinyu, you will find the full sense of presence, especially the area’s presence. There is only one center, you are not in the restricted area, the back of the ball up to where to find the attack point? Of course, he doesn’t stay in the box. Because, after the ball too little, he had to return to midfield to find food. When he returned to the midfield, the Koreans used two or three guards. If you can’t carry on, the foul will cause the game to stop. So, we see the football scene, a super ball forward running back, the opponent down to the ground, he can only move forward 10 meters. In this way, 10 meters and 10 meters forward arch, it is a football game. In this case, there is a sense of natural. Contrast Wu Lei’s hot spot, you will find that the defense of the South Korean defender on the different strategies, the presence of Wu Lei quite plump. Why? Almost no foul, a shoulder, pour Wu Lei. It is not difficult to understand, when the current field only hulk of a foreign aid, the Korean high closing down so unscrupulous. The Hulk had to run around between the running back and quarterback, the result is what can be done. His ball was not the team up, only 147 seconds, maximum is 177 seconds, Yan Junling, this is the time in the back to the ball. This shows that the team is not a soul. The soul in the card when most of the heart, Conca holding time, nearly 300 seconds. The Hulk shot only 3 times the effective shot 2 times. Key pass 2 times, break through 5 times. South Korea’s defense strategy has been very successful in freezing the most dangerous point of attack, he played very unhappy, had to be replaced before the end of the game. Wu Lei, Lv Wenjun and Yu Hai and the Hulk cut off. Pass analysis chart shows that Wu Lei gave the Hulk only 2 times the number of passes, the Hulk returned 6 times. Lv Wenjun fed the cake 3 times, 3 times to the Hulk cake, Yu Hai fed cake 4 times, including 3 times. In contrast to the Conca era, the number of contacts can reach two digits. The soldier is blocked, group connection is cut off, after the attack end this drizzle, is back by relentless attack of Korean typhoon like. In fact, in September 9th, the port 2 to Beijing Guoan, the ball has issued an early warning in advance of the 2. The player level is 2 to 2 tie, but the coach level, is the guest of Xie Feng won. Say not good?相关的主题文章: