Wuzhou, a man stirs up trouble, still on the Internet clamoring public security can he-ricky lee neely

A man in Wuzhou still disturb the Public Security Online clamor can Chennai him what in November 11th, Wuzhou City Public Security Bureau recently informed the Long Wei detected two case of trouble, arrested on suspicion of affray crime suspects 5. It is reported that the suspect openly on the Internet ", said the Wuzhou police can Chennai him what? The police action on the provocation given back. August 31st at 2 pm, in the small Wuzhou city zone Guangxin road turntable Longwei powder shop and Longhua road in front of a snail in a cafe door, there were two case of trouble, has caused many injuries and property damage. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately involved in the investigation area. After understanding, two cases are the same people, involved more than 20 people. Subsequently, Longwei Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force investigation. After Mopai visits, the panel learned that on the day of trouble people, one of whom was living in Long Wei and contradictions, social idlers in revenge, the night gathered social idlers, Long Wei to revenge. However, due to no party in Longxu street, they will anger spread in the streets of the strange passers-by, passers-by were beaten at. It is reported that after the incident, the gang led by Chen not only on the network is organized by him openly admit this, but also provoke the police in Wuzhou. See some of the information provided by reporters from the police, Chen QQ space not only left then disturb the photos, but also in front of the police station took a photo with the police, provocative words, said the police also cannot take him. The ad hoc group after further investigation, subsequently, Chen, Chen Wei, Zhang Mouhua, a European social idle young people gradually locked by the police. According to police reports, this group of people is often illegal gathering, organizing illegal racing and other serious harm to public safety, harm the interests of the masses, and illegal possession of special sticks, knives, resulting in a bad influence on society. In October 10th, Longwei Public Security Bureau police task force after days of investigation, suspected trouble suspects in Europe, Zhang Mouhua, Chen Mouwei, Zou Mouping captured. In November 1st, the suspect Chen has been arrested by public security organs. Currently, police are stepping up efforts to hunt down the other 7 fugitives involved. The source of | South China Morning Post reporter Zhou Ruyu

梧州一男子寻衅滋事 还在网上叫嚣公安能奈他何   11月11日,梧州市龙圩公安分局通报了近日侦破的两起寻衅滋事案,抓获涉嫌寻衅滋事的犯罪嫌疑人5名。据悉,该案的嫌疑人公然在网上叫嚣,称梧州公安能奈他何?警方用行动对这种挑衅行为给予了回击。   8月31日凌晨2时许,在梧州市龙圩区广信路某螺蛳粉店门口及龙华路小转盘某网吧门口,相继发生了两起寻衅滋事案,共造成多人受伤及部分财物损坏。接到报警后,辖区派出所立即介入调查。经了解,两起案件均为同一伙人所为,涉案人员达20余人。随后,龙圩公安分局立即成立专案组调查。   经过摸排走访,专案组了解到,在当天闹事的人员中,有一人曾和居住在龙圩的社会闲散人员发生矛盾,为了报仇,此人当晚纠集社会闲散人员,到龙圩寻仇。然而,由于在龙圩街上找不到当事人,他们便将怨气撒在街头的陌生路人身上,随意对路人进行殴打。   据悉,事件发生后,团伙的牵头人陈某不仅在网络上公然承认此事是由他组织的,而且还对梧州警方进行挑衅。记者从警方提供的一些资料上看到,陈某的QQ空间里不仅留有当时寻衅滋事的照片,而且还在派出所门口照了一张相,并配上挑衅警方的文字,称警方也不能拿他怎么样。   专案组经过进一步侦查,随后,陈某、陈某威、欧某、张某华等社会闲散青年人被警方逐步锁定。据办案民警透露,这伙人经常非法聚集,组织非法飙车等严重危害公共安全、损害群众利益的活动,并非法持有特制棍棒、管制刀具,在社会上造成了恶劣影响。   10月10日,龙圩公安分局专案组民警经连日侦查,将涉嫌寻衅滋事的嫌疑人欧某、邹某平、张某华、陈某威抓获。11月1日,犯罪嫌疑人陈某也被公安机关抓获。目前,办案民警正在抓紧追捕其他7名涉案在逃人员。   来源 | 南国早报记者周如雨相关的主题文章: