Xiong Dailin sun warm photo officially announced the marriage, the man billion net worth-sopor aeternus

Xiong Dailin sun warm photo officially announced the marriage, the man ten billion net worth of public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: simple and warm! Xiong Dailin Sun Photo announced: married married Xiong Dailin Sina entertainment news the evening of October 27th, Xiong Dailin [micro-blog] through micro-blog announced the good news, wrote: "we got married!" With the photo and Guo song, simple and warm. In the photo, Xiong Dailin dressed in a white sleeveless dress, hands holding Guo song arm, a happy smile on his face, and a very good fit. It is reported that Xiong Dailin and Kenix Kwok [micro-blog] Brother Guo song 2014 love exposure, Guo song is hundreds of millions of rich two generations. Guo song 3 years older than Xiong Dailin, and his ex-wife divorced after 2013, and Xiong Dailin love exposure, always sweet. In March this year, Xiong Dailin announced the acceptance of Guo song happy marriage show explosion three carat engagement ring, said Guo song sincerity. Earlier, Xiong Dailin said in early November after the filming will the wedding, she asked whether the wedding do in the family home in Nanjing and Hongkong? Xiong Dailin said: it has not been discussed, what day does not matter, it is important that Mr Right, the day will be announced the first time." Guo song is Hongkong actor Kenix Kwok’s younger brother, the family sitting on billions of assets. (I am MIHR) (commissioning editor: YY) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: