Xu Guiyuan special training show star talent is expected to become the first Chinese MLB (video) 7470d

Xu Guiyuan Texun star talent show is expected to become the first person in an interview with Xu Guiyuan MLB Chinese: calmly look forward to joining Major League pressure Xu Guiyuan signed MLB ESPN reporter Thomas Neumann site in the United States of Florida ESPN editor Li Qiushi compiled from the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles affiliated team of young players are warming up before the game, the head of the midday sun baked the baseball star of hope. Their Gulf Coast League by American occupation Baseball League (MLB) affiliated teams. Orioles dressed in orange shirt, white shorts. The Red Sox wore dark blue shirts and grey trousers. But they have one thing in common: they don’t have a name. The 17 year old, who is the youngest, is at least the age of 23, and based on past experience, only about two to three players can end up in the league. They all have the same career goals and strive for the highest level. Among them, the boy wearing the number 21 shirt, no doubt has the most distinctive origin. The photography team is Xu Guiyuan Thomas Neumann ESPN microphone was wearing a microphone, followed by the photography team; a cartoon character as a nickname; just sign a contract has won worldwide attention — Xu Guiyuan is trying to become the first to enter the big league native China players. At the age of 21, he did not seem to be to pour in attention. Although he doesn’t like the spotlight, he patiently caters to the media. With the swing, running and throwing and fielding, this is actually the very valuable experience for young people. Once some day in the future into the big league he will certainly become the spotlight. However, as the first baseman Xu Guiyuan in the first game when the wrong. "It’s not a good thing for a TV broadcast." Team manager Orlando · (Orlando Gomez) joked in the rest area. After the game, Orioles with a double play to win the first game. Xu Guiyuan is from Shenzhen. He didn’t get into baseball until he was ten. Soon, he and his brother in the school to play the game. At the age of fourteen, Xu Guiyuan was elected to the United States major league baseball development center in Jiangsu, Wuxi, left his hometown, began his baseball career. It is in Wuxi’s training base, Xu Guiyuan got his nickname: now to (Itchy). When the coach asked him to call, he said a name: Suzuki Ichiro (Ichiro Suzuki), which is also the source of his nickname. "I like Suzuki Ichiro very much, and I want to be called SUZUKI. But my coach says too many people call SUZUKI. So he calls me a hungry man. I didn’t know what it meant at first, then I learned English to know the similarities between the two. Now I have been accustomed to this nickname." Xu Guiyuan said. Xu Guiyuan is on the court Thomas Neumann ESPN Xu Guiyuan was initially selected as a left hander by the Major League International, but he.相关的主题文章: