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Yang warrior in the country. [eleven] – tourism industry Sohu Yang Youzhou Savior, Xiao Tianzuo, Liu Lang Lang five axe to battle Han Chang, Mu Guiying Yangs, Shaohuo girl Yang exhaust defeated Han Chang, Twain, Ying Qiniang horse eight sister nine sister against black wind array…… Issued from Songyuan huabens mouth to publish novels in Ming and Qing Dynasty, from the Republic of China to the new Chinese opera storytelling books to children’s film and television works, the story of enduring, from generation to generation. No matter in the eyes of the "Yang" men and women, old and young are not strange words. Or history or legend, but ignore the three emperors, red, seems to be no big family with Yang par. Kaifeng Longting Park came to Tianbo Yang Fu, before the door, and then met with Yang Ling Gong rate Yang Fu seven, Yang Fu outside practice to welcome. The legend of the Dowager (she spent a hundred years old) was twelve in command, widow expedition, it is indeed a representative image of the heroine Chinese. Than she spent, Mu Guiying seems to sunxifu greater fame. Mu Guiying Yu Mu Mu kezhai, before the war and married Yang Zongbao captured strokes, attributed to the legend of the column, can the outstanding figures in the fugitive. The legend of Mu Guiying Yangs, with machetes, fast horse leaping, Xiao Tianyou Dodge, fell off a horse. Mu Guiying took the opportunity to look back a knife, cut off the head of Xiao Tianyou. As spectators, he heard on the battlefield of the fugitive have forgotten them a symbol of war in ancient China, this should be in the boudoir woman. The door opened, is Tianbo Yang Fu Hospital of the west. This side of the courtyard Gallery sedan is particularly conspicuous. One into the door, to their future life and the other women, but not what different. The unique Jiangnan garden style courtyard garden, bridges, and Yamashi Ki write, birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance. The drooping lily of the valley, such as waterfall vines, low sage, and autumn osmanthus fragrance garden. In a quiet environment, it is difficult to link here with the heroine, but more is a kind of feeling. Skywave Bitan, the same place, is still at the same time, once again began to rain again, trapped visiting travelers. Find a quiet, lean on the railing, looking at the rain stirred the calm water, and listen to the Opera Museum opened behind came the babbling Mu Guiying arias. Since there is no chance to think weekdays have the leisure show. It seems that the rain seems to be silent. Along the path all the way slowly around a small door, and then click into place. Longting is bounded on the East, Pan Jia Hu, Yang Jia Hu in the west, the Pan Zhuo Yang Qing folk vibe "". The residual charge, the di fly, without the wide eyes of Lan Yang Jia Hu is a curtain of summer autumn gradually far, not to the scene. Orange Italian sun calliopsis, bow shy sunflower, in the courtyard of Tianbo Yang Fu, autumn’s footsteps increasingly close. Yang Fu courtyard screen wall before October 18th this year for a month of chrysanthemum flower dedicated landscaping has finished. When the autumn wind, chrysanthemum in full bloom, Binkeyingmen. This is the legendary martial arts Cheats! Storytelling is often said huimaqiang is Yang gun type thirty-six!相关的主题文章: