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You must have never seen such a beautiful breakfast nutrition collocation – Sohu as the saying goes: "eat early, eat lunch, dinner to eat less" essential and very important to breakfast eat breakfast but a learning Oh ~ can understand the first meal for breakfast to eat after waking up. After a night of sleep, the body consumes a lot of water and nutrients, and the previous day to eat dinner has been exhausted. When the body is low glycemic index, need to eat breakfast to supplement the energy, or lack of glucose in the body can lead to brain cells lack of vitality, physical fatigue, difficulty concentrating and the symptoms of memory decline, slow response. Eat breakfast should pay attention to collocation (1) the three major nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) complete, rare collocation; (2) to carbohydrate based (for glucose), protein and fat supplemented (for energy). 2 celery and Lily xiaomizhou Hanamaki + + sweet potato + Orange 3 bread + scrambled egg + red bean porridge + boiled eggplant and pork noodles with vegetables 4 horseshoe + fruit + milk 5 pork tofu cabbage vermicelli package + corn congee + celery and carrot horseshoe + boiled 6 sugar + delta rice pudding + small mushroom scrambled eggs + Orange 7 fruit crepes + milk + milk + 8 muffin rice congee cabbage + purple cloth Li 9 pumpkin bean bag + milk + oatmeal raisin 10 pine nut corn + sweet potato porridge + + bread baked egg + Kiwi easy to tailor personalized custom APP O2O high quality men’s clothing, mobile phone booking, the female body door. Designed for the business elite to create the most suitable style of dress. Welcome eleven, click the image below, receive 1550 packs!相关的主题文章: