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Marketing Running an opt-in email marketing campaign is the best way to go about your email marketing. Sending to an opt-in list ensures that everyone receiving your emails intended to. This prevents your emails from being spam and it ensures that you aren’t wasting your time or damaging your ability to send by sending to inactive or uninterested parties. It also means that in order to grow your list you need to have ways of recruiting new interested parties. Each new customer you gain is a potential subscriber, and if your current subscribers share your content with friends and family that’s great too. You can create incentives for people to sign up and this will help, but at the end of the day, you also have to focus on getting the necessary exposure. One way that you can help to increase your exposure is by publishing your email newsletters to the web. You do this after you’re send them to your subscribers of course, and the special offers for subscribers certainly don’t carry over. Publishing your email newsletters to the web will help in two ways: it will boost your website’s SEO and it will help to create more content that can catch specific searches. Here is an example of how that might work. Let’s say that you own and run a hunting and fishing store. You sell supplies, you do guided trips and you send out an email newsletter with advice for hunters and fishers, special discounts on items in your store and the news about trips and tours. Your website is likely to have been optimized for the keywords that people are most likely to enter when searching for a hunting and fishing store or guide. When you put your email newsletters on the Internet, suddenly, there is a lot more relevant content for the search engines to crawl, and that is where specific searches .e in. If you’re written an article entitled "how to skin a bear" and a random searcher types "how to skin a bear" into their search engine…well, you’re a match! Basically, the more content you have that matches up with specific queries (think people searching for "what is the best way to keep bears out of your food supply" and "how to clean a trout" rather than just keywords like "hunting and fishing" the more traffic you are likely to attract. Those that do find your newsletter and benefit from your advice might just choose to sign up for it, or head on over to your website to see what else you have to offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: