Your life is the worst, but is also a Sohu

Your life is the worst, but is also a Sohu recently busy pitch-dark, after a lot of documents, open chat tools, only to find that one day ago, snow Yi sent me a message and no reply. "Are you busy lately? Always look you are not online." "Recently busy without touching, look, you sent yesterday, I now have to empty. Last night, all night, a little early work." I reply to her message. "Has been looking for you to talk about, has been a good confused, you said, I want to change a department ah? It is said that the new Department, are especially hard, they have to work overtime to eleven two points, if a new Department, very tired, that is not changed; but now, a bit meaning does not have, then do something to do, is a practical. The high degree are not, and can’t learn anything. How to do, I’m tangled ah!" She looked out a long string of words, my heart thumped, this is a restless, restless heart, and worry about the unknown future terrible, did not dare to try, ready to tangle. Go home and open the mail, a mail you the latest, before the show is an hour, then I just sent off. "Elder sister, today a lot of students out of school recruit interview, a lot of people say some enterprises is also good, intense competition, and the employment rate of graduate students, in fact, did not imagine so good, I want to go to a running school recruit recruitment? Or preparing for the exam? So tangled ah, now. The feeling of reading every day, do not see it, if not next year, I did not go to the campus recruitment, the best time to find a job in the past, then will not find a good job?" He told me, before graduation four state almost, at that time, so I don’t hold to psychology, with a prudent attitude, this section rampage in the bridge, and finally heroic sacrifice? What advice can I give? Tell him, don’t worry, concentrate on one thing and do it well But I myself, not also experienced a painful defeat, just understand, this time on the hill, is already on its own is not too much hope. Give yourself leeway, is the failure of the time, the heart to leave a little small comfort — lack of talent, not to join in. We’re afraid to try, because we’re afraid of losing. Do not try, at least not too bad. We always tell ourselves: if the environment, will not be worse than now? If you change a job, will be more tired than now? Then, we began to frighten himself: ah, if the change in the status quo, you should spend more time to adapt, you have to give up some of the more common now, cause you might want to get up early, sleep late, circle update does not adapt. Then, the courage to muster up the courage, he was mercilessly shot in my mind. In the near future, immerse yourself in the daily work of the same, said to himself: look, so good! So, our life most!相关的主题文章: