Yu Aoi starred in the Tokyo International Film Festival-ca1806

Starring Yu Aoi nominated for the Tokyo International Film Festival main competition "Kodak ChunZi unaccounted for" 2016 "(c), Harbin studies: the Internet have Michiru? For the unknown" Production Committee Sina entertainment news twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival will be opened in Tokyo in October 25th. The day before, the Organizing Committee announced the first two main competition finalists of Japanese movies, one is by the new director Matsui Dawu directed, starring Yu Aoi "Kodak ChunZi missing", another is a Greek Princess Sugino directed and starred in the "snow". The "missing" Tan ChunZi is Yu Aoi following the "million yuan and the nigamushi woman", after a lapse of eight years, the movie alone. The adaptation of Yamauchi Mariko’s novel of the same name, by once directed "the ruffian" beautiful end of the world "field" "our star road" of the new director Matsui Dawu as director, tells the story of suburban commuters Kodak single spring suddenly disappeared, then raised the size of things in the street market. Co lineup also includes takabata, too, he filled and Kase Ryo etc.. "Snow" adapted from the originator of Mr Koizumi’s eight cloud Literature – a collection of short stories "Kaidan" of the same name in the chapter. The famous Japanese director Masaki Kobayashi said in 1964 will be "unbelievable" to the big screen, the Greek Princess Sugino directed the "Snow" will be re interpretation of this classic masterpiece. The Greek Princess Sugino had directed the "comic" and "meat and I want to move" two works, and in the director, she also with actor and producer active in the film. In addition, "Snow" other actors include Yamaguchi Mayu, Miyazaki Miko Aoki lofty, Sano Shiro, etc.. Previously, the Tokyo International Film Festival special screenings single has been announced, in addition to the opening film "out of tune with the closing film" holy days "Youth", "suddenly I become a teacher, and she fell in love with the" kiss "movie – -" high school "in this corner of the world" "neon demon" the traveler "" seeding "the birth of a nation" "miss you already" the "devil frog man" "come" and nine new columns in Japan has not yet released. It is reported that the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival main competition unit complete shortlist will be announced in Tokyo on September 26th. (A Quwen) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: