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Yu came to the Qingming River in the middle of the river – the first time to remember the first visit to Kaifeng, due to heavy rain and temporary change in the Qingming River Park Tour program. Second, the third time due to travel arrangements, often pass by. The fourth tour opened, the end is but a heart of resentment. Just like the misty weather in general, somewhat depressed mood. Is in front of the cold still environment and park or film base. Is it ever too much expectations overestimated here, or not really into this picture. The rain messy Goldwater door, dressed in costumes of the Northern Song Dynasty tour guide girl holding an umbrella from the side after. Dear, you are through the bar! Make me a time in time and space, lost the direction, had to follow her dreams. At this point should be modeled on the "Alice in Wonderland" story, follow the "watch rabbit" guidelines into qingmingshanghetu. After a short journey, really "picturesque". Look, is there a little angry? Also to the lunch time, Tokyo restaurant in the store has been open for good. A drawer drawer soup dumplings fragrance Pumianerlai, stomach conscious response. After this interaction, at the moment, I have been painting people. A long roll of qingmingshanghetu, a human, the status of different people, it is the whole picture of the soul. People go to outlandish costume, into which seems to be "painting" the secret of the. The street selling man, eager for a fight with confidence to greet the new day. To a bowl bowl of wine, drank up again, the bowl to fall on the ground. Experience the Liangshan hero of the pride of the Northern Song dynasty. In real life, in a variety of perplexing relationships, it is difficult to have a chance like this sloppily, with unruly. The Qingming Festival in Hongqiao near the river the most classic scene. The passenger ship and piled up in the river and the wharf, a good school spirit picture. The bridge vendors focus on doing, not be bothered to shuttle around pedestrians. Perhaps, this is now remembered the artisan spirit. Hermit in the world, "but the hand cooked Seoul" who constantly repeated in the beginning of the heart always stick to the boring. It is the large number of craftsmen in the Song Dynasty that made the rapid development of technology and handicraft industry in this period. The gate tower, the red light hanging in the Central Plains, the green autumn season has not yet subsided. Except Hongqiao, Riverside in another place where the gate is busy. It is with many fans in micro-blog’s "Qing Yuan beggar in the world". That poor little expression, so innocent. No beggar had to shelter themselves at the entrance of the city gate at the shelter, for pedestrians. "Song fair scale, the old bag for your weight." We have never seen such a primitive weighing method with the electronic weighing instrument. Sit on the stool, a kind of inexplicable human Daozu I fish "bleak. I still weigh it, this "chop" how much? Hot Xinjiang nut cake, delicious! Hello people dedicated to passing stall he produced delicious taste. When it comes to folk juggling thing, is nothing more than to play tricks, chest!相关的主题文章: