Yunnan Yongshan County responded female cadres to participate in the work of 15 years there are rule ca1871

In response to "Yunnan Yongshan county 15 year old female cadres to work:" there are rules to follow – Beijing, according to Xinhua news agency, Zhong Xin reported on the afternoon of 11, entitled "Yunnan Yongshan 80 female officer to be appointed Zheng Keji cadres, 15 years old to participate in the work of the news circulated on the Internet, netizens questioned the county intends to Renxian County Committee Organization vice minister Zhong Yourong (family) age. 11 evening, Yongshan county official responded that Zhong Yourong took part in the working time for October 1996. November 8th, Yunnan, Yongshan party network news release, publicity 26 people to be appointed. According to publicity: bell Yourong, born in April 1981, a university degree, to work in October 1996, the CPC Yongshan county organization department vice minister, be appointed Deputy Minister Yongshan County Organization Department of the CPC (family). Questions about the age of Zhong Yourong and then set off a heated debate on the Internet and social media. 11 evening, Yongshan county Party Committee Organization Department responded. Reply, said the Department of supervision of cadres 11, Zhong Yourong received an objection to the relevant circumstances, the file in the "age of two calendar identity" was verified. Replies show that Zhong Yourong in August 1996 in Yongshan County, Mo Han Xiang Hua Yuan Cun, according to the personnel department of Yunnan province cloud 1992 No. 22 in second: "the original job is not in a series of small village cadres, now post in a series of village cadres (Office) or to receive state financial subsidies part-time brigade cadres, and receive state subsidies of full-time non institution personnel (such as the agricultural clerk), directly absorbed into national formal workers, the last time in the work time, and can absorb national staff after work time with continuous length of service", to participate in the work of Zhong Yourong that time is October 1996. In addition, for users in the question mentioned in the "university education", responded that Yourong in June 2006 through the self-study exam clock has a college diploma, in 2007 to participate in the civil service exam in Yunnan province are employed in Yongshan County Lianfeng town government office, in 2009 obtained the correspondence college diploma. Not part of the net friend after the 15 year old college graduate to work." According to the Yongshan county Party Committee Organization Department informed that, according to the provisions of the Yunnan Provincial Department of personnel cloud manual [1992] No. second, found Zhong Yourong working time for October 1996. Yongshan county Party Committee Organization Department Cadre Supervision Department official said, the Yongshan 26 aspiring cadres before the deadline for publicity in November 14th.相关的主题文章: