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Zhang Fakui: Guangxi Guiliu battle army abandoned Guilin surprised me [Abstract] the thirty-one army so soon abandoned Guilin, I was also amazed at. As I have said, the favorable conditions of Guilin is a mountainous terrain, walls and fortifications, it should not give up so soon. As for Liuzhou, we have no war, yes, there is no resistance in Liuzhou. Figure: Zhang Fakui was "Zhang Fakui oral autobiography", contemporary China press 2012 Zhang Fakui, the commander in chief of the army, he in this oral, and tells the story of the Japanese in the battle of the Kuomintang army Guilin Liuzhou insider told us, described the war and war. In mid April 1944 day in the south of the Yellow River along the pinghan railway to attack, estimated from enemy capabilities, we judge it will invade Guangxi, but its main use in the clearance of Han Road, only the use of diversionary action to harassment. I have enough information about enemy forces. I was in the theater, in Guangxi, only the sixteen army thirty-one army and forty-six army, all serious vacancy. The forty-six army stationed in northern Guangxi to the north of Liuzhou, the thirty-one army stationed in southern Guangxi Xijiang River to the south. Their main force in Nanning and Longzhou. Thirty-five army of the sixty-four army stationed in the southwest of the 155 division. According to the normal terms, I am calm in the war zone, the enemy is only a small army gathered in the Leizhou peninsula. I like the United States Air Force cooperation to defend Liuzhou, Guilin, Nanning, Danzhou, Wuzhou Airport perfetto. General Sir Vincent often come to my office to discuss this issue. In May 27, 1944, the enemy attack in Hunan, the fourth army was ordered to defend Zhang Deneng Changsha, I sent troops to Hunan. Although I don’t think the enemy will be the main force, I have to be ready for any emergency. We formulate the evacuation plan, our policy is "invading". In late June, Bai Chongxi made an attack on Guilin. Mr. Jiang sent Bai Chongxi to Guangxi to assist me, because he is a native of Guangxi, and my troops stationed in Guangxi. White led a large group of people including Lin Baisen engineering school. We patrol the fortifications every day. Bai Chongxi believes Guilin can hold for six months, because of its terrain and fortifications favorable. In my opinion, the terrain of Guilin is undoubtedly conducive to defense, there are many caves, such as the outskirts of the seven stars can accommodate tens of thousands of people. The sixteen Army Deputy Commander Wei Yunsong was ordered to serve as commander of the Yugoslav capital city Guilin, commanding troops, maintain the order of the city. He is optimistic that he has full confidence in his ability to hold Guilin. To endure the long time to consider the city, Wei Department officer asked permission to leave some women as prostitutes. Maybe there are some bad women willing to leave, I did not approve this request, we Chinese does not allow this kind of rules. In addition, I told them, once the Guilin fall can not let these women suffer catastrophe! At the end of 6, Mr. Jiang ordered the forty-six army to Guilin, and the issuance of standby "food and ammunition for three months to Kunming, carrying three months of supply to the Guilin, means that Mr. Jiang to forty-six army to Guilin for three months, until the next command. I believe that the three months is difficult, the reason I have mentioned: my army forces and equipment than the poor).相关的主题文章: