Zhang Jizhong, fan Xin man had close friend exposure derailed five times it is a wicked woman (video 9c8996

Zhang Jizhong, fan Xin man had close friend exposure derailed five times: is a vicious woman Zhang Jizhong fan Xin man old photos Tencent entertainment news 30 all star on the exposed Zhang Jizhong derailed his wife after the news sparked media attention, the early morning of August 31st, the fan Xin man held a press conference, saying that the real affair denied derailment is Zhang Jizhong, the other side not only have a mistress and illegitimate child. But Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man a Friend common to all star on the fan Xin man broke the news as "vicious and disorderly, had cheated five women". Broke the news person fan Xin man formerly known as Fan Hua, 50 years old this year, is a woman in Zhejiang, graduated from junior high school after one year of College Media pheasant class, after it has been known he is graduated from the University of media. Her relationship with Zhang Jizhong began in 1990, when Zhang Jizhong in Beitaipingzhuang a small restaurant met Fan Xinman, and fan Xin man was there a personal attendant, fan Xin man said he is to escape from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of culture, some officials forced son fled to Beijing. At that time, because Zhang Jizhong busy work, so the two people do not have much contact. A year after Zhang Jizhong got the arc fan Xin man, the woman asked the contact situation, Fan Xinman told Zhang Jizhong that she was in Shenzhen to open the laundry, Zhang Jizhong want to fan Xin man a chance to let her when Zhang Jizhong directed the TV series "to the sun" crew as an assistant. After two people living together, fan Xin man also let Zhang Jizhong into the CCTV broke through the relationship, said fan Xin man looks flat, but careful, self-directed wrote "Zhang Jizhong married to talented woman wife" network articles, and provides two people a lot of private photos, her purpose is to use the fame of Zhang Jizhong establish oneself. While two people live together after the fan Xin man had become lady image pungent and unruly, vicious, Nothing is right. Zhang Jizhong could not stand, the other is the indiscretion. 92 years since Zhang Jizhong started directing the "Three Kingdoms", fan Xin man is unfaithful to husband is up to the first unwilling to remain out of the limelight, the name of a blue bookseller, discovered by Zhang Jizhong after the woman cried swear to relationships and blue surname booksellers cut off, however in 94 years of Zhang Jizhong shooting "Water Margin" (Opera) when fan the Xin man derailed, but Zhang Jizhong forgave her. In 2002 when Zhang Jizhong in Beijing to buy a house, in order to get a real estate license marriage was proposed on the two. Zhang Jizhong a married fan Xin man will remain in a proper sphere unexpectedly in 2009, fan Xin man and derailed, up to now, fan Xin man Zhang Jizhong was caught had five times. Broke the news person fan Xin man had distorted mind, Zhang Jizhong has been trying to maintain the love and marriage, and finally even the good ending is not up to. Who broke the news to express his speech with the excesses of, but he knew that rumor is People will talk., will bring great harm and suffering, so he put these reveal to the public. Zhang Jizhong is concerned about whether the wife can be derailed by the romantic history of the pass was more interesting aspect of the相关的主题文章: