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Zhang Xiyun led the drama "the world premiere entertainment popular fairy tale" – Sohu Zhang Xiyun played the role very emotional power Sohu entertainment news of Beijing people’s original drama "fairyland" popular in the last National Day holiday, the drama through fantasy, absurdity extremely profound expression of reality, Zhang Xiyun, Zhang Hansheng and other young actor’s interpretation added more young viewers to accept entertainment elements, so that the "human fairy tale" get art experts and audience praise. It is reported that the play will be staged in October 17th. "Human fairy tale" National Day period hot performance market experts pushing the audience point of praise by Zhang Xiyun acting outside the industry certainly people’s experimental theatre new row drama "human fairy tale" around a pot of super smart flowers, a good memory of the fish, there is a silent boundless lake, involved is indeed boring life exhausted, self willed, lost love, materialistic society, cannot realize the communication, and death play whenever and wherever possible. People’s alienation, and absurdity is the ideal of dislocation, fantasy, and, or black or gray humor, but in a "fairy tale" way meanders. These are so full of new "fairyland" has become the market brisk during the national day drama works, get outside the industry praise. Since the famous performing artist Lan Tianye teacher for a full recognition of the "human fairy tale", Yang Lixin also spoke highly of the teacher after watching, he said: "the director Liu Xiaorong abandoned the gorgeous means, speak good a plain story. Actors, Zhang Xiyun interpretation of the great contrast between the elite and restaurant attendants two roles in the performance of the transition is very delicate. Originally, these two characters are very difficult to play, there is an outbreak of inner emotions, but also through the characterization of the very ordinary small figure out, this is very rare." Yi Ren Ming Dean Zhang Xiyun also affirmed the role of shaping the "great contrast the role of excessive people can not imagine, Xi Yun on the role of conversion and control is in place." Famous host Xu Gehui very much admire Zhang’s line of words, remember the whole drama lines have been too difficult, but also through the performance of the deep connotation of the show, really amazing." The audience ladies also left a deep impression, in view after she said: "with the woman, the man and the woman’s parents from three perspectives of narration, fantasy, absurd and black humor has become the main elements of the show, the cruelty of life and beauty, and the lines are intriguing story plot." The left rear left three: Two: Xu Gehui Yang Lixin in recent years participating in the "road Ge Sanghua", "the informant", "Beijing love story" and many other film and television works, the young actor Zhang Xiyun starred in "human fairy tale" as the first works of drama stage regression. According to Zhang Xiyun, to be able to participate in this opera performances, was once the teacher, the drama director Liu Xiaorong telephone invitation, it turned down several film and television drama "invitation, hoping to accumulate again in the theater’s stage, but also to their future performance is more mature, better work for everyone." In addition to continuing the cast, Zhang Xiyun is now open.相关的主题文章: