Zhangjiakou is the housing shortage Street Housing buy developersprotected disk does not sell thinkpad s230u

Zhangjiakou is the "housing shortage": Street Housing buy developersprotected disk not to sell the three line city of Zhangjiakou’s "counter attack" Olympic concept and the secret of Tian Guobao "soaring prices are now only four or five sets of top three rooms, and a two floor of two rooms, is someone else out, others are sold out." October 18th, opened in Zhangjiakou, a real estate sales offices, sales staff said. In the morning, not many buyers get the same answer. Is a general feeling of Zhangjiakou property buyers, the Economic Observer newspaper reporter visited the more than and 10 projects, whether it is housing prices relatively high economic development zone, East Zone, or the relatively low price of Qiaoxi District, most of the projects only a few top apartment layout, sales staff are basically the same answer: have sold out. However, the Zhangjiakou housing authority data show that in October 18th the same day, Zhangjiakou commercial housing sales area of 2 million 302 thousand and 300 square meters, can be sold for a number of sets of the day, the volume of 45 sets. If in accordance with the sales volume in September, Zhangjiakou commercial housing to the cycle of more than two years, has been far beyond the inventory warning line. Side is the official data in a large number of inventory, while the developer can not sell the room, which went to the more than 20 thousand Suites? An anonymous developer who revealed the mystery, "Zhangjiakou city a total of 27770 households, has placed more than 7 thousand households, more than 20 thousand households have equal to hand waiting to buy a house demolition." In this context, the Zhangjiakou property market has formed a subtle relationship between supply and demand, in the street as the representative of the just need no room to buy, developers had no room to sell, "nearly three years, there are a large number of shantytowns project, 80% of all monetary compensation, so developers do not worry about selling, not to the apartment layout sold, then launched a good apartment layout price." The developer said. As a three line city, Zhangjiakou housing prices are not without reason, from 2015 to July, and since the Beijing joint bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing Zhang High-speed Rail opening and shantytowns and a series of infrastructure projects started, Zhangjiakou property market began to enter the fast lane, more than a year, prices from 6000 yuan rose to at present, about 11000 yuan. No room can not buy housing can be sold at three days continuously, Zhang Xu some anxiety, the native of Zhangjiakou young man, married in 2015 and parents crowded in a more than and 60 square meters Liangju indoor, in 2016 April, the birth of her daughter so he sprouted the idea to buy a house. Zhang Xuyue income of less than 5000 yuan, before the birth of a child, his wife quit his job, his mother to help with the child, his father working on the site, in recent years, save some money, and then scrape together enough to pay down." The high tech Zone and Qiaodong District tens of thousands of prices, he does not intend to consider, "simply can not afford, can only look at the west of the house." Three days down, he was a little desperate, see a few, the price is relatively low, but either no room, or the top and bottom of the bad huxing." 18, the same day, Zhang Xu in the west end of the bridge to see a set of projects相关的主题文章: