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Zhejiang is now a selling online plug illegal profit case two men suspected of destroying sin – system Beijing new network in September 23 Wenzhou Xinhua (reporter correspondent He Jiangyong Wang Linqi) in the network game, a package is one of the great God, pointing Jiangshan summon wind and call for rain". 21 year old package by the preparation of the development of the game plug-in software, to achieve a gorgeous turn". Unfortunately, talented but he walked with the crooked road, Liaoning man in a partnership, wantonly selling plug-in software on the Internet, illegal profits more than 6 yuan. 23 days, reporters from Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Cangnan police was informed that at present, the suspect in a package and a suspicion of the crime of destroying computer information system by the local police criminal detention according to law. At the beginning of June, Cangnan police received a report of a company safety management department said that someone’s in an online game in the use of illegal use of the plug-in plug-in, the game player has a special ability in the game, occupy a significant advantage in the course of the game, game player damages other interests. 30 year old Cangnan game player hung from the beginning of this year to play the online games, in the course of the game, he found there are individual players hanging open, the speed is significantly higher than other players. In order not to lag behind, hung also joined the use of plug-in groups. By the impact of the plug-in, like the same as the use of plug-in players more and more players, a serious impact on the game environment and the user experience, and cause the legitimate rights and interests of operators damaged. After receiving the report, Cangnan police immediately launched an investigation. In Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau network security detachment of the strong support and the company’s active cooperation, the police investigation found that a game has been sold outside the shop owner has a major crime suspects. The package of a home in Wenzhou Yueqing remote mountain village, no door. Multi police Paimo Dunshou, a few days before gradually out of his home position. The police around a package this clue to continue digging, and soon found another close contact and a packet of the operators in a plug-in. In July 16th, Cangnan province unified net police two three in Zhejiang, Liaoning, arresting a package, and in a hung some people, the scene seized 4 sets of computer, mobile phone and other items. When the police arrested the package sometime, a package is sitting on the two floor room in front of the computer table playing games, approximately 40 degrees, but he seems to have no feel. Package of a living environment is very simple, the old wooden house is the house, down the stairs by a bamboo ladder. After investigation, a package, 21 years old, Zhejiang Yueqing people, is the external producers; in a 26 year old, Liaoning, Dandong, is the main operator of the plug-in. A young, slim, introverted, almost homes, usually the only pastime is to play online games. After graduating from high school, the bag hit a few jobs, but do not last long, finally simply stay at home, addicted to the Internet world. Package a very talented, with a strong interest in self-learning and painstaking research computer programming technology, has become a programming expert. According to the two men, although they think selling, sales of external some wrong, but thought the consequences would be so serious. At present, the suspect package a, in Cangnan相关的主题文章: