Zhuzhou 25 year old guy bizarre long c cup because of the love! shuyue

Zhuzhou 25 year old guy bizarre long "C Cup" because of the love! Source: Zhuzhou legal channel livelihood breasts can give young women beautiful points, but a young man on the implants long in the body, it is "spoil the enthusiasm". In mid September, Zhuzhou city hospital admissions of a 25 year old man named Arlene (a pseudonym) patients. Arlene looks very handsome, have angular face and burly figure. However, when the doctor found abnormal admissions guy inferiority, he turned out to be a male breast hypertrophy patients. After the measurement, the chest is 99cm Alin nipple, the breast under the folds of chest 88.5cm, has reached the standard C cup. Original title: eat the food Zhuzhou 25 year old guy unexpectedly long out of the "C cup"! It is understood that the boy was very fond of eating fried chicken, fried chicken and other food, and sometimes do not even eat, only eat fried chicken wings. With the development of a young man day after day, but also with the breast becomes larger. Doctors say that many people eat things that are not healthy, such as eating a lot of meat every day. Today’s aquaculture industry in the use of a lot of additives in the feed, while the additive contains a large number of female hormones, excessive intake, it will lead to gynecomastia. Gynecomastia many in adolescence or senile male breast hypertrophy also known as male and female breast type, is a common disease in Department of plastic surgery. Mainly for men like women showed unilateral or bilateral breast development, hypertrophy, sometimes milk like secretions, many in the male adolescence (12-17 years old) and aged (50-70 years old). The pathology of male breast hypertrophy can be divided into fiber type, large nodular type, secretory type and fat type. There is a certain relationship between the occurrence and the hormone imbalance in the body, may also be associated with a number of systemic diseases, such as hemodialysis treatment, liver damage, hyperthyroidism, testicular tumors. The doctor said: drink honey, royal jelly, eat vitamin E and tonic, health care products may also cause gynecomastia, these things are more difficult to clean with estrogen, metabolism. In addition to bad lifestyle, abnormal liver function may also suffer from the disease. Because of abnormal liver function, will cause the body of female hormones can not be inactivated. In addition, the long-term use of drugs in patients with hypertension will affect the metabolism of estrogen, some patients do not follow the doctor’s orders, will cause the development of male breast disease.相关的主题文章: